Wednesday, March 6, 2013

What the truck?

Well, the poop truck is back.

The effin field is almost completely covered in black gold.  ie. compost.  Everything just stinks.  The dipshit dingo dog is obviously not phased by this anymore.  He has moved on to better things like harassing me while I am working by standing on Dave's desk across from me.

And in general being a lazy overqualified unemployed animal.

The porta potty and the trusses for the addition arrived.  I'll spare you a pic of the porta potty.  CDOT finally let the truck down from Cheyenne, WY.  I guess when it is snowing or the roads are wet, they won't let any oversized vehicles travel on the road and cross the border.  Good to know they don't like any commercial vehicles including me.  Dave was gone, so therefore it was up to me to "receive" the order.   Not sure how much checking over the order I did considering they are custom made and I didn't exactly get out a measuring tape.  Besides remember I am not the brightest bulb on the geometry tree.

It was also up to me to determine where they were going.  Who wants to play how and where can we shove an oversized semi on Cara's property?

Made it through the front gates.  If you notice, all of the chickens are out in their yard wondering what the hell is going on.

Made it through the second set of gates into the corral.  Barely.

Naturally I made him back it in somewhere.  Couldn't just make it simple and drop it in a straight forward manner.  Besides this way they are out of the way of all of my trucks and trailers so no one accidentally drives over them when they are buried under a supposed ft. of snow this weekend.

After backing forward and back 30 times to line up next to the garden fence, they unstrapped the trusses.  The next step was to tilt the long bed, pull forward like a bat out of hell, and just dumped the damn things right there on the ground.

And........within 1 inch from the gas tank on the underside of one of my work trucks.  :)  Well I tried to move it, but the battery was dead.  So the trusses actually hit the inside of the back dually tire sliding off, but then bounced forward.  Good thing I made sure the truck in park because if it had been in neutral it would have shot through the gate down to the lower corral.  I had hoped for them to be a bit closer to the garden on the other side of that fence, but beggars can't be choosers and they are far enough over that they are out of the way until we need them.  I'm not moving them, and everyone is Happy Happy Happy.

Tonight we are headed to a musical performance at Calla's school.  They are supposed to dress for an underwater / beach theme.  Not sure who's idea this was in March, but as you can see that there is still snow on the ground.  The options in her closet are an aerial mermaid costume, or a tank top sundress with a large flip flop on it.  We are going with the sundress, but even I drew the line against flip flops.

Don't worry I'll take pictures.



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