Friday, March 1, 2013

Pole Dancing

HAHA! Gotcha.  You wish.  If you think I am the one pole dancing you are sadly mistaken.  I will probably get some hits from Russia for that title.  Seriously, no one wants to see that.  That would be ummm.....awkward to say the least.  Not that coordinated, and besides the only pole I want to dance with these days is a cinnamon churro stick from Taco Johns.  Yum!

In the same light just this morning on GMA my Dad and I witnessed a new class in the gym world.  Well, in New York gyms that is.  High Heel Aerobics.  Why in God's name would you want to do aerobics in high heels?  I can't even walk in them, let alone Jazzercise in them.  I'd rather do it in pointe shoes. I am pretty sure I'd blow out an ankle or 2 in the cha cha shoes during the warm up portion, and look like my 3 yr old doing it.  Not graceful, and definitely not sexy.

Anyway, back to the pole.  While I was at Target buying Easter Candy and getting reminders from the tracking system printing coupons to buy protein powder and produce instead of Peeps, the lovely folks at Poudre Valley REA came out and removed the power lines and pole that were in the way of
"The Big Dig."

After a 30 min. coffee klatch in a circle with my guys, they got down to business.  From what I am told stories about fracking, fishing, and oh yeah..... the large pole in the middle of my yard were exchanged.  We were down without power for about an hour and a half.  Brilliant thinking on my behalf to come home with 20 cartons of yogurt, that needed to be refrigerated.  It was cold enough that I just left them outside in the snow.  Gotta protect the Noosa folks.

The early part of next week Larry the Excavator comes to dig the 10 ft. deep hole for the foundation and pluck out the old cistern.  *humming Darth Vader march music*

Stay tuned so we can finally find out what is buried beneath and causing the weird 4 ft. deep sink hole next to my house.  Old outhouse?  Busted water line?  Dead things Mikey, dead things?  I asked Larry the Excavator the other day if he has ever dug up any "dead things" before?  (Because I have no shame of course, and yes his name really is Larry.)  He replied he has only run into a horse that the owner forgot he buried 9 months earlier and thought was buried on the other side of his property.  Whoopsie.  And this is why Dave likes to do the talking with the Contractors instead of me. :)

Taking Calla to American Girl shopping for her birthday.  Wish me luck.  Those little girls and their mothers are ruthless in that store on the weekends.

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