Friday, March 8, 2013

This ISH just got real!

Came home today from running errands to find this parked next to my house.

Just to give you some perspective, This is my tiny house next to the very large backhoe loader thing a ma bob.  My inner 10 yr. old boy dies laughing inside every time I say the word backhoe.  

And to give you some more perspective of how ginormous this thing is, this is a Dipshit Dingo Dog on top of the thingamajig.  

Sit Ubu sit!  Good dog.  :)  I swear I want to name a dog Ubu one of these days, just to see if anyone gets it.  I decided yesterday after watching some cartoon of India's, I am going to name the next batch of chickens after pastries and breads.  Preferably those made with lots of eggs and butter.  The yellow ones shall be called Challah, and Brioche.  I will get another funky one like Birdie and name it Pan Perdu.  Mmmm Pan Perdu.  Git in ma belly!

Well then.... moving on.  With snow coming in this weekend to the tune of 1 ft. - 1 ft. 1/2, I guess I know I have the ability to dig myself out for Calla's birthday party on Sunday if need be.  Too bad we couldn't talk her into having a Bob the Builder party.  I could have decorated around the track hoe, (no better of a name by the way,) and used it for picture opportunities.  Everyone could have gotten a hard hat, and taken rides in our skid steer.  Damn, that is an unfortunate Pinterest party opportunity missed.  Although we all know it would have turned out more like a Duck Dynasty or Honey Boo Boo episode vs. a pretty party idea found on Pinterest.  Who wouldn't have wanted to play horseshoes with toilet seats?  Besides, I could have finally had an excuse to make the white trash tater tot recipe I have hiding somewhere. 

Alas, Calla is a little girl turning 7 instead of a little boy turning 3.  So crafts and cookie decorating, with a side of sledding it is.  Since I knew we would most likely have snow and a 9ft. deep hole in the ground x 800 sq. ft., we opted for having it at my parents house.  This way we didn't need any liability waivers to be signed before dropping your kid off, so your kid doesn't accidentally fall in my hole.  In the meantime, if you come a knocking, you best bring yourself a hard hat.  Ooohhh, I wonder if they make them in pink???  Maybe Calla and her friends can bedazzle me one with rhinestones this weekend as part of their craft projects.  

And for my Mother who is most likely stuck in an airport somewhere in CA trying to get on a plane home before they shut the airport tomorrow, a promised picture.  

For those of you who have school age kids, there is nothing more precious then watching your kids perform.  For those of you who don't, don't worry I don't like watching other people's kids perform.  Heck, I don't like most other people's kids.  There are a couple these days I adore, and I am slowly becoming more tolerant in my old age.  

Calla is the midget in the center with her jazz hands high in the air wearing a hot pink polka dot dress with sunglasses on her head.  Front row for shorties like us of course.  So stinking cute. 

Afterwards we took her to get frozen yogurt with her cousins for a job well done and ran into her good friend and her sister.  It was a happy coincidence on a cold night, but she was super excited.  India just wanted to be at the big girl table to soak it all in.  

Back next week with birthday pictures if we aren't buried alive in snow.  We might need to get Dave some Red Bull cocktails in order to stay awake at the party after plowing all night.  Too bad we don't live in a resort town where everyone could go skiing and boarding.  Wait, that probably has a liability form to go along with it too.  Never mind.  Bowling it is next year.  

Happy Friday.  Stay safe my friends.  

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