Friday, March 22, 2013

I'll believe it when I see it.

We are scheduled to get 7 inches of snow starting late tonight.  So far every blizzard/ large snow storm that has been predicted and called for this season has either missed us, or just didn't produce more than an inch or two.  And as the title goes, I'll believe it when I see it.  We will be dutifully ready with plows mounted and shovels and ice melt stocked, because that is what do every time Pinky.  Try and take over the world of snow removal.  

This morning was the start of Calla's Spring Break.  Both her and India celebrated by getting up a 1/2 an hour earlier then they normally do when I have to drag them out to get ready for school.  WTF, sleep in, enjoy it.  Somebody needs to besides this lazy piece of work.
When Dave gets up, Rusty moves out of my crotch to Dave's side of the bed, and promptly falls right back asleep.  El Dipshito Dingito must have had a rough night last night, because he was seriously passed out.  All I remember last night is he was pissed I wouldn't spoon him with his head on my pillow, so he went sulking off to the living room.  Only for me to to wake up this morning to him curled up in ball in my crotch.  Between having kids and this damn dog, I honestly can't remember the last good night of sleep I have had.  

Speaking of crotches, after I dropped off India at school and Calla with my Dad, I had a 1/2 hr before the inspector was due at our house to sign off on the foundation before they pour the concrete on Monday, (you know Monday, Easter week, possible 7-10 inches of snow?) so I went running along the river.  Well, as best I could in windy damp feeling air for 2.5 mi.    
The only problem was I kept having the worst camel toe, and I just couldn't get warm.  1/2 hr isn't that long and towards the end I was starting to get warm, but my pants were pissing me off.  But as I plugged and chugged along I kept thinking to myself, "no one is out on the trail to see your lady bits,  just keep running."  Ok, lets get real, not running but jogging here since I couldn't get warm enough to get fast enough to actually run.  I felt like I was running through that sticky bubble gum crap they made those people on the Biggest Looser run through this year.  I did see 1 eagle, it was a nice flat trail, and I actually got out and burned some calories this morning, so I can only complain too much.  But damn it was just hard.  I know some days are like that.  Since I have no ballet class tomorrow, and loads of laundry to do, I am glad I was able to get something accomplished.  

Well, I hope your weekend is a good one.  I also hope you get lots of sleep and there isn't a dipshit dingo dog tucked up in your crotch for 6 hrs at a time.  And now since I have officially mentioned the word crotch more times in this post than one should in any conversation, I'll be on my way.  


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