Monday, March 4, 2013

Goats and Girls

Take 6" of snow earlier this week and add in 60 degree temps this weekend, and you have a recipe for a muddy sunshine filled mess.

We started the day Saturday by playing outside and soaking in the sunshine on the play set before ballet.  After ballet we helped some dear friends and neighbors do some spring cleaning.

To sweeten the pot, their goats had just had babies.  Like 2 days ago old.  Since I put the picture on FB people have asked if those are my goats.  As much as I love goats, I believe I have struck a happy medium with myself.  I get to cuddle them for as long as I want, but then at the end of the day I get to give them back and let someone else raise them and deal with the poop.  Brilliant.  It works fabulous with livestock and other people's new born babies too.  Cause I don't know nutin' bout birthin' goat babies.  Not to mention watching them nurse really hard on their mothers quickly snaps you right back to reality and makes my boobs tingle just thinking about it.  

But damn those babies are cute.  The goats too.  ;)

Peek a boo!  I see you.  You can't hide from me little brown goat.

Come back!  I just want to play.  Ok, I really want to hug you and kiss you and love you forever.

Maybe if I jump they will jump?

Enough about the goats.  On Sunday we celebrated our annual America Girl shopping and lunch out for Calla's birthday.  Baby girl will be 7 and yes, I am crying inside.  Pretty sure the damn doll now has a better wardrobe then me and a much more exciting life as well.  We survived the masses at the mall, and everyone came away with something fun.  The weather was so pretty at 65 and sunny.  Almost forgot it was March.

And as I sit here and type this, the weather is back to 38 degrees with 30 mile an hour wind gusts, and about 1/2 " of snow on the ground.  So basically anything that dried out over the weekend in the glorious balmy spring weather will be right back to its muddy mess in a day or two.  Dave celebrated the weather by heading to Vail at 5 am to jump off a snow covered cliff on skis, and I am supposed to be typing up maintenance contracts.  But seriously, I am pretty sure no one around here wants to even think about mowing grass right now.  We'll just work on those later.  After all, tomorrow is another day Scarlett.  

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