Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Resolutions, a Birthday Party and Ethel??

Y'all, my baby is 3 today.

And it's making me feel old.  Alas, there is no point in dwelling in the past or even making any New Years resolutions about recapturing my youth.  I'm just too plain lazy.

Besides, as we all know last years New Years Resolutions didn't work out so well http://callabee.blogspot.com/2012/01/another-one-bites-dust.html
Seeing as I am not sitting in the HGTV Dream Home in Park City right now with my snowboard drying outside making dinner for Robert Redford 40 lbs. thinner.

On the bright side we did manage to make one resolution come true.  We turned Ethel into a Queen.  I was called in 2 weeks before Sleeping Beauty to be the Queen Mum.  One could get used to 2 rehearsals and tech week only.  That was nice and fun to boot.  

Damn, I wish my boobs were really that big!

Anyhoo, back to the small child named after a large country.  On Sunday we celebrated her birthday with a circus theme.  This time in my parents basement because they have way more room then we do to put bouncing balls, tumbling mats, trampolines, and various games involving play doh, bean bags, and elephants.  

I made various munchies that one would find at a circus.  ie. foot long Twizzlers, pretzels, mini corn dogs, nachos, popcorn, and baked/fried pickles.  I have never bought so much pre packaged sodium filled foods at Wal Mart before in my life.  All of the kids had fun just playing and being kids.  

Matching birthday crowns for her and Bitty Baby.


Since it was a circus theme, we decided to bust out the Funfetti cake.  


Indie was still a bit freaked out about blowing out the candles, but she had no issues snarfing down the cake.

Hello Kitty Bike from Dave, Calla, and I. 

Each of the kids left with a popcorn bucket filled with animal crackers, and a Beenie Baby.

Someone wanted to sleep with her crown on.

But we passed out in exhaustion instead.

Pretty sure she had a good time.  


  1. Love this! Happy Birthday Indie! Wish I was there :) XOXOX BTW, are you wearing acrylics these days??

  2. Wish you were too. Nope nubs as usual. Everything was fake there. Fake boobs, hair, nails, eyelashes. Pretty much the only thing real were my teeth!

  3. Wow! What a great royal party for Ethel. You guys really did enjoy I can see through the pictures. I love the cakes, the souvenirs and the royal gowns!

  4. Thank you Olivia! It was a lot of fun.