Thursday, January 10, 2013

The plan

I shall call this - "Little Elves Hard at Work" 

Shop roof almost done.  Whoo hoo!!! So pretty and shiny.
A couple of people have asked to see what the addition will look like.  Not even kidding when I tell you Dave went so far as to build me a 3D scale model made out of cardboard because I was having a problem understanding how the roof pitch looked on paper and tied into the existing house.  Boy should have been an Engineer or something.

I have obvious issues we won't get into.  One of them being I have a visual perception problem.  Long non technical story short, I can see it in my brain, but can't figure out how to get it that way.  Needless to say I hate painting, and geometry made me almost manic.  Surprisingly athletics has actually gotten me out of both subjects alive.

The only reason I passed geometry in High School was because I kept promising the track coach, who was my teacher, that I would run track for him the next season.  Yeah didn't happen, was too busy dancing, and my shinsplints didn't need any more issues.  But at least it got me out of there with an awful passing grade.

Same with painting in College.  Anyone who wanted an art degree from history and education to fibers and papermaking was required to take it.  Trying to paint negative images and shapes, without any lines to stay in was awful.  Can I blend 5 different shades of blue eyeshadow, and contour the shadows on my face for a show?  Yup.  Can I blend 5 different colors of blue and gray to create clouds in a sky?  No way Jose.  I managed to attach myself to 2 football players that semester who had to pass in order to play.  One even went on to play in the NFL after graduation.  We did a lot of our work together and I am pretty sure the teacher took pity on us and passed us because he knew we had no future in painting what so ever, and besides he really didn't have a choice.  Can you imagine how pissed off the football coach would have been if his guys didn't pass painting and couldn't play?

It is also why I have a deep seated fear of wine bars that require you to paint something while you drink.  Good God!  That would be a disaster..... sober or drunk.

Anywho, the plan.  Here is a sketch of the addition.

Keep in mind my existing house is a square, and is off the right side of the plan.  This new addition will go on the entire South side of the house where my pergola and deck used to be.  It will sit back a bit off the front side allowing us to have a wrap around porch with windows that look out onto the Rockies to the West.  i.e.. the top of the paper.  Make sense?  

One giant open room will become our dining room and extended living room off our existing kitchen and living room.  This part will include stairs going down into the basement, and a door out to the porch to the re landscaped outdoor dining area.

The other half of the addition extending out past the existing house towards the East will be our master bedroom, big ol' closet, and bathroom.  Why yes, I do realize this is completely on the other side of the house from our kids. :)

There are plans to make our mudroom/laundry room bigger later down the road.  Probably Phase 2 before we finish the basement.  But one thing at a time.  We need more potties and with this plan I get one full bath and one 1/2 powder room.

So that's it for now.  I hope all of this makes sense.  If not, let me know you can come over and see my little model.  I'll even supply some dollhouse furniture to make it just that much more real.

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