Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Cinderella and The Denver Nuggets

Well, I don't know about you, but this weekend flew by for me.

Friday night after Warren Miller safely came down the mountain from skiing, he hopped back in the car  threw it in 4WD and we all headed to Denver to see a Nuggets game.  

We scored a pretty good deal on Family Night where the kids pretty much got in free.  Since the Stock Show is in town all week, the whole game had a Country Western theme to it.  Think Cowboys in chaps and boots and Rodeo Clowns participating in flying dunk contests with trampolines.  Calla loved all of the Dancer's performances.  Dave loved all of the dancers costumes, and I loved my vodka lemonade and churro stick:)  Nuff Said.

Our seats pretty much rocked and we had a really hard time getting India to leave. 

On Saturday I woke up from my long winter's nap and drug my sorry butt to ballet.  Lucky for me they were having an audition for Cinderella.  While I didn't formally audition, I did mention that if Ethel needed to make a Guest Appearance during the shows as a party guest standing there at the ball, then to let me know.  It was either that or Tree #4 in the background.  Not sure if they will use her or not but we shall see.  I love Cinderella.  It is one of my favorite ballets, but sadly I can't rehearse for this one.  I had to make a decision.  It was either Cinderella or a new house addition.  Ummm, I'll take the custom built in closet and extra potties please.

I have always been one of the wicked stepsisters and wouldn't have it any other way.  Here are some blast from the past pictures from the 2 years we did Cinderella.

Yes, that was our Artistic Director in the middle as the Wicked Step Mother.  By the way he is a man.   
I wore a corset and pantaloons the whole show.  Just call me Scarlett O' Hara.
Yes, that is her real hair, and thank God the mole on my face was just drawn on.  The director wanted her as tall as possible and me as short as possible.      
I do have to say taking a couple of weeks off and then coming back to dancing pretty much SUCKS at my age.  I didn't even attempt to put on pointe shoes either.  I am not suicidal, and instead stuck around to do the Men's jumping part.  I am better at that anyway.  Needless to say, my calves killed the entire weekend and foam and stick rolling was not pretty.  Going to the gym regularly ain't got nothing on a ballet class.  It didn't help it was like 9 degrees outside either.  I know they have hot yoga, which makes me dizzy even thinking about it, but a hot ballet class in the lower 90's might work on a cold day to get the ol' hip flexors loose.

On Sunday some of us were lazier then others.

Uber lazy Dipshit Dingo Dog
It was slow going but productive.  I cleaned the house as well as the entire pantry, deep freeze downstairs and the fridge.  That felt good, and the chickens were super happy to eat all of the leftover chips, cereal, and snacks no one was eating.  

Now it is back to the weekly grind.  We have a landscaping conference to attend this week, so expect to see pictures of me and some very large equipment  at the Expo.  Bet you just can't wait.

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