Friday, January 11, 2013

WTF Friday Snow Edition

Somebody asked me the other day at the gym what changes I planned on making in the New Year to better myself.  Well, I didn't know where to start or what to say, because do I really want to open that can of worms on a somewhat complete stranger?

So I went with, "I plan to try to be a bit more classy and a little less smart assy."

2 points for leaving them speechless.  I honestly think they thought I was going to say something like, "take more time for myself" (hah right!)  Or "cleanse and purge my body of toxins with a juice fast."  (Not unless it comes in a Jamba Juice styrofoam cup and has frozen peaches, strawberries and orange sherbet.)  

Here it is on the 11th and I am pretty much a fail.  Perhaps I'll just work on learning how not to talk to strangers instead.  They seem to bring out the best of my inner smart ass anyway.

Today's forecast was evidently brought to you by a merry ol' band of idiots (see what I who forecasted light flurries only and a high of 45 degrees.  Does this look like flurries and 45 to you?  By the way, I am still not sure why the "you are here" dot is actually nowhere near me?  Last week it said I was somewhere across the border in Wyoming.  Too bad it didn't say I was in Steamboat.

Wait.....Here, let me show you another picture of what the view out my my front door looks like right now.  Just in case you have that visual spatial perception thing like me and the radar is hard to read.  I spy with my little eye 3" of snow and the foothills just beginning to be visible through thick clouds, 32 degrees, and 30 mph wind too.  
Believe me, I am not complaining since we do snow removal and it allows me to work at home.  But today the Senor decided to head up the mountain today to channel his inner Warren Miller and play with his Go Pro camera.  (Since we were only expecting flurries and 45 of course.)  No biggie, because the dude needs a day of now and then, but he took another plow driver and shoveler with him.  Lovely.  Last minute changes to drag workers out into the cold who thought they had the day off to play video games and watch All My Children make the old blood pressure rise.  

Since I am not a Pro and I don't really Go..... down anything more then a blue.   I thought I would leave you with some pictures from i phone that I took last week when it was my turn to make some turns in the snow at Keystone on a date with Senor Warren Miller.  

Next ride to the top was in the gondola.  I was not proud, just cold.   The sign at the top said "Warning cover all exposed body parts."    
Was freezing cold like 9 degrees and the clouds were starting to move out.
Dave in a snow dragon's mouth.  He didn't go through the tunnel in the snow fort because he thought he might get stuck.  It is made for little kids.  Calla asked if we could build one here in the front yard.    

On the observation deck between the 2 mountains.  They actually have church up here on Sundays.
The Flying Dutchman

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