Thursday, January 5, 2012

Another one bites the dust

I am not going to attempt to recap 2011.  There really isn't any point (like my new attitude about things?)  All of the posts are on the right hand side, so if you missed something from last year and or would like to revisit it, then by all means pull up a bowl of popcorn and knock your socks off.

Moving on to 2012.  Hi 2012.  Like how I am updating this blog almost a week after?  Well....truth is I haven't been lazy, but we haven't had internet due to the high winds.  Today the Skybeam dude came out and told me the dish on my roof was pointing upward instead of down.  Ok, then.

I haven't ever been a huge fan of resolutions simply because I am really bad at keeping them.  If someone said, "I think you should make a resolution to eat gummy bears and popcorn daily," sure no problem.  (Wait, that isn't a resolution....that's my diet.)  This year though I thought I would jump on the bandwagon and attempt to set some realistic goals that even I can accomplish because they are so simple.  So without further adieu, my top 10 list of resolutions for 2012:

10. Win the HGTV Dream Home 2012 in Park City, Utah.
Ok, so I might as well throw in dinner with Robert Redford while I am out there too.  Seeing as I would have to sell my soul to the Devil to win that resolution.  Unfortunately Dave can't play the golden fiddle well enough to get me out of that deal.  But damn....wouldn't that house be nice?

9. Bathe the Dipshit Dingo Dog.
He stinks.  Nuff said.  Today he showed up outside the back door with an empty 20 lb. bag of Friskies cat food on his head.  We don't have a cat, so I am not sure what trash he was digging in.

8. Run and dance more.
I got this one in the bag, because I don't do either as much as I could right now, so anything I do is good.  I did attempt to put on some pointe shoes tonight after I talked to 2 friends today about pointe shoes and Sleeping Beauty auditions coming up.  Yeah, it wasn't pretty, even in the kitchen and especially on my bad ankle.  Unless Sleeping Beauty has a need for a wicked old hag named Ethel who lives deep in the woods amongst the woodland creatures and locks up small children, we won't be attempting to skip on pointe like Little Red Riding Hood.  We'll just put the memory of that roll back on it's dusty shelf and leave well enough alone.

7. Paint some trim inside the house.
Notice I didn't say the barn.  (Laughing to self)  Because, that is a lead paint can full of worms I don't want to open.  I am pretty sure it might be easier to learn how to yodel like Jewel instead.

6. Watch more movies.
This would be great.  If only my children would find a way to occupy themselves while I do this.  If only I could manage to stay up past 9 pm to finish it.  And before y'all suggest we watch it together like on big happy freakin family, I wasn't thinking of anything G-rated, animated, or involving a talking animal in a costume saving the world.  (By the way, Muppets don't count.)

5. Keep up with the dishes every night.
(Laughing to self harder this time)  I'll get right on that.

4. Snowboard more.
It was good to get up again last week after such a long hiatus despite the 80 mile an hour wind gusts that actually pushed me down the hill, and runs so icy they made me take a digger on a pinecone.  Let me just say a pinecone in the ass hurt like a bejesus.  (Go ahead and make your dirty jokes folks.)  I am pretty sure I peed a bit when I landed too, because snowboarding after 2 c-sections just isn't the same as my carefree college days.

3. Keep up with the laundry every week. 
(Laughing even harder out loud)

2. Buy only what I need.
This includes any unnecessary crap or clothing I don't need, because I should be able to make do with 20 pairs of black yoga pants that won't ever see the inside of a yoga studio right???  Notice I didn't involve the word Target in this resolution, because that would be impending doom from the start.

1. Lose some weight.
Ok, so I realize this is the most unrealistic goal out of them all, but it really is the most simple if you think about it.  I'll just eat less.  (Did I mention we ate at the Olive Garden tonight?  We won't talk about my breadstick tally before they brought out the Tiramisu.)  So if I am dancing, even my one class a week,  I should be eating like I was back the good ol' dance days?  No, not the Gelsey diet, because the only little blue pills I pop are Aleve, but a steady diet of Diet Red Bull, oranges, peas, rice, and I Can't Believe It's Not Butter Spray Butter should do the trick.

And that's about it.  I am off to fulfill my daily clicking to register for the HGTV Dream Home Giveaway.  If anyone is headed to Utah soon, and they happen to run into Robert Redford while out and about, tell him I have dinner planned for the new house.  I hope he likes peas and rice! :)



  1. LOL! From a former ballet dancer turned belly dancer :)

  2. losing weight isn't an unrealistic goal....and those are some great goals but I found that just changing ONE thing can inspire and trigger many changes so maybe just snowboarding more would help you lose weight ;)

  3. @ Kathleen, ooh Belly Dancing! How cool. Something I have always admired, but never had the chance to do.

    @Ali, I am actually doing The Tone it up Program. You are right, something clicked and it makes sense now. It is a great program. I like how it is set up and the workouts it offers. I wish I could snowboard more, but we live a good 2 hrs from the closest resort, so it is a haul, but anytime I get to go, I make the most of it, and it kicks your booty!!!!

  4. As always Cara, you have me in stitches ;)

  5. Fantastic post, Cara! Now if I could just figure out how to subscribe to this blog...I've looked for a link to do so and can't find it. *sadness*

  6. Hi Jenny, Thanks for reading. I Think I figured out the subscribe and follow by email. I hope it works!! If not, let me know and I will keep working on it. This tech stuff is kind of new to me.

  7. OK, I did it. Kristen Lamb and Ingrid sent me to you and they're right, you're definitely right up my alley. :-)

  8. This is too funny! Right there with you on the laundry. In my world, that can be amended to "Keep up with laundry every week and try to at least keep it in baskets instead of the bedroom, living room and laundry room floor."

    Oh, and clean out refrigerator before the need to make excuses to company arises (Why, that's our homeschool science project!)

  9. Oh, man! I can so relate to the dishes! And the movies...staying up past 9 is almost impossible unless I'm reading. I can't keep interest in movies these days, though I wish I could. I'd rather read. Thanks for the laugh!

  10. Hi Jenny, Thanks for stopping by.

    Julie, Our laundry is redonkulous! It is mostly my clothes and the baby has the least surprisingly. I can get it into the baskets, but have some issues putting it away unless I do it right after it is done. Don't even get me started on the fridge. I see people who have nice empty clean fridges, and use absolutely everything before shopping. Yeah.....

    April, if I could show you my dishes right now. So bad. Resolution fail. But we did have a party, so we'll call it a draw. I love reading, and actually turned off the 20th in a row episode of House Hunters last night to read, because it was the only thing on.