Monday, September 10, 2012

Something is missing......Oh yeah my brain.

Not sure if any of you are having issues adjusting to the new school schedule?  We are 3 weeks in and I am pretty sure Calla's new teacher and I are probably not going to be exchanging friendship bracelets or Pinterest inspired crayon wreaths and candy filled tumblers by the end of this year.  If someone can enlighten me as to how the hell I am supposed to teach a 1st grader how to spell the words "different" and "sometimes" for a spelling test when she is reading a Dick and Jane style book, it would be much appreciated.  The teacher sent home a list of 25 creative and different ways you can help your child spell.  Numbers 4 and 12 involved shaving cream and pudding.  Really....Are you freakin' kidding me?  And I suppose India is just supposed to sit by patiently in a corner twiddling her thumbs while Calla "neatly" spells the words "America is beautiful" on my kitchen table in chocolate pudding?  Yeah.... RIGHT!  

Not to mention the phone calls I have been getting from people who are like, "Oh Shit!  I just realized it is September and I have been dragging my feet all summer, but can you real quick install a 1000 sq. ft. paver patio in my backyard with a custom made pergola overtop and a stone fire pit and matching pizza oven before my mother in law shows up and realizes I haven't done anything with the place."  Of course they need it by next weekend, and can't understand why in heavens we can't build something like that in that short of amount of time.  

So.....last night I had wine for dinner.  Not with dinner, "for dinner."  Somebody "cough" Dave, decided to get a wild hair and wash all of the windows inside and out earlier that day.  While I did not partake in this project, I went on my own manic filled rage cleaning out cabinets, organizing all of our spices into cute Avery Martha Stewart labelled mini mason jars, and scrubbing all of the baseboards down in the house.   By the end I was too tired to make dinner and the family was just as happy eating edamame and leftovers, so I didn't bother eating myself.  Oh well.  I sure as heck won't starve.

In the meantime...... while I find my head, hide the chocolate pudding from my kids, and attempt not to kill any landscaping or maintenance clients, please enjoy these pictures from the last couple of weeks.

Girls playing nice:)

Twit and Twat not playing nice.  It always seems like such a good idea to bring them along beforehand.

CSU trial gardens.
"By your side" was supposed to be engraved into my wedding ring like Dave's, however it was too small.  So 9 years later I engraved it on myself for our anniversary.  Don't worry, the tattoo artist and I have already discussed options for a nice floral bracelet cover up if we get divorced.

Speaking of tattoos, this is not Dave's head, but it looks like it, and I peed my pants laughing when I saw 
this.  It says "HAIR!"

Gazpacho with steamed shrimp, cucumber and zucchini.  Thank you Pioneer Woman.  I don't even like tomatoes but I ate the crap out of this.  All of it.
Jessica harvesting honey at Liz and AJ's house with a hot knife.
We harvested 8 gallons of delicious honey.  I use the word "we" lightly.  Dave helped scrape in the 115 degree garage while I ate fritos and MouCO cheese under the misters on the umbrella.  
Rockies Game, thank you General Shale Brick for the tickets.
Random shiny forehead picture of me and the girls.  This was taken 2 min. before we ended up posing with a 6 ft. man dressed as a toothbrush on the Delta Dental sponsored jumbo tron tv you see in above picture.  The girls both had mouths full of M&M's.   
Riding bikes and scooters for Makena's birthday.  Obviously the 2 evil looking ones in tutus on the left belong to me. 

Friday night Smores at Horsetooth Reservoir.  Don't worry I had beer for dinner that night.  It goes better with the Smores.
Pretty sure the last time I checked, a reservoir was supposed to have water in it.   Oh well, anyone with a pair of metal detectors want to go for a walk?  
Manic rage spice cabinet organizing success.
 Anyone else not getting along with the kid's teacher this year?

What have you organized lately?

Next weekend we are finally tiling the bathroom.  When I say "we," I mean my Dad and Dave.  My sister left a 1/2 full bottle of whipped cream vodka last visit, which means I'll be ready to go for dinner on Sunday.  



  1. Cara,
    My daughter's teacher was in the Nutcracker when I directed it in 1995! Yes! I am as old as DIRT!

  2. Ha Ha, No you are not, but the question is did you cast her in a good part? :) That is way better then Bella Lee who is now Calla's ballet teacher who was my kid during the party scene in 2005.