Thursday, September 13, 2012

Why not to take your child named India to a World Market store

Thanks to the great Quiche, (the girl not the tart,)  my dogs will be publicly shamed.  She uploaded their picture today and right now they have over 12,000 submissions so we were told to be patient.  Will keep checking back and let you know when twit and twat have their 3 seconds of fame.

In the meantime, I was half asleep and in a hurry this morning getting ready so I managed to only shave one armpit.  I of course found this out the hard way after I had already smeared deodorant all over it, making it even harder to shave.  So I left it and moved on.  Oh well, at least I am not doing anything today that involves lifting my arms over my head.  After all tomorrow is another day Scarlett.

I went to the grand opening of World Market in town today on accident.  I say on accident because I was headed to Sprouts to pick up a jicama.  Yes, a jicama.  Like you thought I was going to say something normal like an avocado?  Ok, I bought those too.  I am making a southwestern salad with black beans and a cilantro lime dressing tonight for dinner and children will eat jicama.  It is white, crunchy, and doesn't taste like anything.  That way I can say I was a good Mommy and made my kids eat their beans and veggies.  I tore the recipe out of a magazine at the Vet's office yesterday since I was there for so long with my unicorn dog.  Anyone else do this?  Please tell me I am not alone.

Anyway, thank goodness I have been to World Market before because it was nuts.  Like 50 people deep 45 min wait at the register nuts.  No thank you.  India got a balloon on the way out, and I decided I could return in 6 weeks once the hype has died down to pick up some Crunchy Biscoff Spread, (Holy Yum,) and Miso & Easy.  I call it "Me So Easy" because, well..... I am immature.  It is basically a squeezy bottle full of miso paste and spices.  You add water and tofu and bam....Miso Soup.  Healthier then ramen.  Sort of.

As for India, it is never without a good time with her.  See for those of you who have never been to a place such as World Market, it is basically a global market place that sells stuff from all over the world.   Kind of like Pier One.  A lot of it hailing from the large country the small child happens to share a name with.

While I was looking at some more knobs for the cabinets, she had disappeared down another aisle.  I made the mistake of calling out her name loudly looking for her.  (Yes, I was that Mom today.)  Basically making sure she had not brought down an entire display of pillows or candy.  People pretty much looked at me like I was a schitzo wandering the aisles in a super busy store that sells a bunch of stuff made in India yelling "India where are you?" "Come out come out where ever you are."  "Seriously India, quit hiding."  And to top it off while I was doing this, I did have one sales associate ask me if I needed help with anything.  Of course he did.  I hastily replied I was looking for India, and I was good.  Should have elaborated more, because that poor little college boy proceeded to tell me they had some bedding that was made in India, and that they also had a selection of Indian cuisine packets and sauces if I was interested.

I almost peed laughing, told him I was good, and scooted off quickly.  I had to find her fast because speaking of pee, we are in the thick of potty training and she had on "big girl" panties.  The only reason she disappears is to go poop in a corner somewhere.  Goodness knows that was all I needed to explain to someone.   Can you picture it?  "Wet cleanup on the India aisle please." Probably wouldn't sell much curry or chickpeas after that.  

Off to clean the house and make the salad with the jicama and avocado.  Too bad the only thing that sounds good right now is a piece of toast with that damn Biscoff Spread.  Oh time.  Preferably with Calla or by myself.


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