Friday, September 14, 2012

Some weddings pics perhaps?

Random fact # 1. - I used to be a wedding planner.  Some of you know this, a lot of you don't.  One of India's teachers at school who also happens to be my neighbor (I say neighbor but she lives about a mile up the road) is stressing out because her daughter is getting married next weekend and it is some big whoop de doo.  Now if you know where I live, the people around me are not whoop de doo kind of people.  Ok, maybe 2 miles up the road they are, but that is beside the point.  I casually mentioned the other day I knew all about big fancy weddings because I used to agonize over them and didn't have a Friday, Saturday or Sunday, to myself for a long time.  She asked if that is what my wedding to Dave was like, and I shook my head and said heck no!!!  Dave and I are definitely not whoop de doo kind of folks.  I always swore that when I got married it was going to be fun, lighthearted, and easy going.  There would be no big church wedding, hotel ballrooms, or fancy cars to drive off into the sunset in.  It just wasn't us.

So today with it being Friday, and a little bit more time on my hands, I thought I would have a little fun reminiscing about our wedding.  Some of you I didn't know back then, or some of you perhaps never saw our pictures because you live in a kingdom far far away.  So grab a bottle of wine, curl up on the couch, or play hooky from work and enjoy.

I knew from the first night I met Dave I would marry him.  Not sure why or how I knew.  I can't explain it, but I just did.  I would have married him that next day.  I was also not the type of person to sit around planning my wedding.  I didn't do this as a little girl either.  In fact after I was married, I had a hard time signing my new name because it was different.
Not our engagement pic.  We never took one!  Taken 1 month after dating in 1995. 
By the time Dave and I were married we had already been dating for 8 years, bought a house together, were running a business together.  People were beginning to wonder if we were ever going to get married.  When we finally decided to, we knew we wanted to get married at our house.  It had breathtaking Rocky Mountain views, 3 acres of peace and quiet farmland, apple trees to get married under, all ours, and all for free.  Don't worry, we did warn what neighbors we do have and sent over some treats.  :)
We even had 3 days of parties and trips ahead of time for those that were around and in town.  The morning of our wedding Dave and I woke up, ate breakfast, and got ready at our house just like everyday.  People started showing up and we all got ready together.  One of my bridesmaids did our hair and makeup on my bedroom floor.  There would be no big dress full of layers of tulle for me.  Seeing as I have spent half of my life dressed head to toe in the itchy stuff weddings are made of for ballet.  Nutcracker, Swan Lake, Giselle, Le Sylphide, etc. etc.  My dress was made out of silk, and we hemmed it Audrey Hepburn like short but left the train.  That way A. I would not trip over the damn thing, and B. it wouldn't get filthy.
The girls wore sundresses from J Crew, and the boys linen from Banana Republic.  Everyone wore flip flops or sandals.

Random Fact # 2 - My Dad and Mattie walked me down the aisle to the music from The Princess Bride.  My Dad was planned, the dog was not.
You can see how short my dress was here. 
Dave's Dad and a good friend of the family both stood watch over us as we were married.  It was traditional, yet unique to us.  Native American blessings were bestowed and butterflies were released.

We hired the chef from my Mom's hospital to cook the food.  Tom is now pretty famous down in Denver actually and is Italian.  Dave and I are not.  But a big delicious Tuscan country spread seemed fitting.  Classy, not trashy.

So we set up shop in our corral off the back of the barn with lots of umbrella tables in the dirt and made it nice and rustic.  Random Fact # 3. - We stored the ice for the drinks in the large stainless milk storage tank in the barn.
To me a good wedding has great food.  Honestly, no one cares about the centerpieces, or favors, but people remember the food.  And besides, who doesn't like tiramisu?
A friend had a bluegrass band, so they played, and other good friends helped out with the rest of the music, flowers, coordinating, and pictures.  Kids and dogs ran amuck, and there was no drama.  (At least that I know of?)
We kept it super low key, just like we wanted.  People drank, ate, danced, and had a grand old time.  Feasting and merriment was had by all.
Now a days you see so much out there on Pinterest and granted it was 9 years ago.  So yeah, there would have been some decorating things I would have liked to incorporate had I known about them.   But overall I wouldn't have changed a thing.

I hope y'all enjoyed the pictures.  Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. love this! i just found the album you gave me :)

  2. Aww! I can believe how long it had been since I had seen them too. Even Dave sat down last night and read the blog. He was cute.