Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Dog Shaming

Do y'all know what dog shaming is?

Oh my God!  So freakin funny.  Let me provide you with my own version of dog shaming.

So the sign says "I bit her ear and now I am pissed I can't get the cone off her head." - Dipshit Dingo Dog

 And now a little background.

Rusty and Mattie play.  Ok, actually Rusty plays and Mattie sits there and takes it.  She wrestles back sometimes, but with her being 10 years old and Rusty being 1 yr old, he can be kind of an idiot sometimes.  Ok, he is an idiot 95% of the time.

A week or 2 ago we noticed a small lump inside Mattie's ear.  It has been slightly swelling a bit each day to the size of a silver dollar and was starting to bug her.  So I took her to the vet today, and they told me it was a hematoma.  Which means she has a giant blood blister in her ear.  No big deal right?  Drain it and move on.  Wrong.  Muzzle her, drug her, shave her, drain the blister, give her prednisone, and an antibiotic, a compression bandage, a cone and 2 repeat checks to make sure it doesn't swell up again.  If it fills up with blood again, then she has to have minor surgery to stitch the layers back together.  Great......

Needless to say the Dipshit Dingo Dog is in a major timeout, and is now obsessed with that cone on Mattie's head.   He can't figure out for the life of him what it is, and why she has it on her head.  He also doesn't understand why he can't get it off.  So now I am stuck with a freak of a dingo dog who follows her around constantly.  Meanwhile Mattie just teeters around the house like a drunk sailor staring off into space.  Not sure what they gave her, but it is a damn shame they don't bottle it, and sell it at Target.  Poor Matilda.  :(


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