Friday, September 21, 2012

And then this one time at the gym.........

Ok, So I showered at the gym today.  No big deal.  I usually don't.  I just head home afterwards, or go about my merry stinky way.  But since I needed to wash my hair and we have no shower I figured it was the most logical thing to do since I was already there, and what the hell.

Let me back up a step and explain why we have no shower.  Remember back in February when I bought tile for Valentine's Day?  Yeah, never installed it.  In fact, it has been sitting in my mud room on the counter since then.  Since we started working early because of the lack of snow, it sat.  Well last weekend we decided we were sick of looking at the huge pile of stuff sitting there.  So Saturday night after dinner, Dave and my Dad demoed the existing tile in the bathroom.

Yes, the electric box that my tv plugs into on the other side of the wall is right above the water.  Psshhhh.  That's nothing in this here old house.  When we moved in, my electric panel was over the sink.  Good thing my brother in law was an electrician at the time.   It's fixed correctly even though he is now a photojournalist for ABC and not an electrician.

They basically took everything down to the lathe, and tub only.

Our plan was to demo Saturday, and stick up some tile Sunday.  Yeah, right!  We had galvanized pipe in the tub and shower, so that needed to be replaced with some copper.  Me thinks this my be why my hair is orange? Naw, that is just me trying to be blond when I'm not really anymore.  Needless to say it is yucky.  The pipes, and my fro.  So the Boy Wonder got to work sweating some copper like it was a normal workday.  Only this time he doesn't have to do it someone's cramped and creepy crawl space.  Winner Winner Chicken Dinner.

Much better looking to have new pipes.  Well would you look there, another electrical box next to the plumbing.

Random shot of the Dingo dog sitting on the Toro Dingo.  He thought he was helping Dave but after he lit that torch, Rusty decided a seat on the Dingo away from the action was a better idea.  By the way, that Dingo is the best money I have ever spent.  The red one, not the freckled one, he was free.  

Now it is Friday, and while the tub is clean and works I needed to wash my hair.  My options were, A. Wash it in the sink, aka "whore's bath," as my friend Jessica calls it.  B. Head to my Parents which we have been doing.  or C. Just bathe at the gym.  What the heck, option C. it was. 

I packed everything I needed up last night including my new Clarisonic Mia and some flip flops.   

In case you don't know what this is click above.  It is essentially a Sonicare toothbrush for my face.  It uses sonic waves to clean the gunk out of my pores.  Let me tell you, my face must of been full of some serious crap, because it is mess right now.  I mean 16 yr. old hormonal hot mess.  

So after I got my workout on, I proceeded to grab everything I own out of the lockers and marched to the showers.  In the meantime, the water aerobic class had just let out, and the showers were suddenly super packed.  Two women in particular speaking Chinese were having a merry old time.  Their nonstop conversations could be heard halfway back to the pool.  Whatever, I couldn't understand them anyway, but it must have been exciting the way they were talking.  

Halfway though my shower I busted out the Mia and my face wash and went to town scrubbing my face.  Next thing I know they got quiet.  Now I know they didn't leave the shower area, but with as animated as these two were it seemed a bit odd.  Then they began whispering, and I hear a bunch of Chinese again, and then the word "vibrator."  Holy crap!   These women thought I had a vibrator in the shower at the gym!  I immediately shut it off and they began giggling and talking loud again.  Great!!!   

I seriously didn't realize how loud the Clarisonic was because I always use it in my own bathroom and think nothing of it.  I guess everything was amplified in that shower room.  And now I had to find a way to get out of the showers without them thinking it was me who had the sex toy in the shower.    

Soooo...Who wants to help tile the tub this weekend?  And why don't the Chinese have a word for Vibrator? 

Happy Friday.  You know where to find me on Saturday after ballet.  


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