Monday, October 29, 2012

Peacocks at Target and Stealing Pumpkins.

This weeks theme song will be brought to you via Los Straightjackets and the Munsters.

I could have conjured up Brobee from Yo Gabba Gabba singing "It's Halloween," but I love this more.

I am back from Texas and I must say it was an enjoyable trip.  One I can actually remember all of the details of for a change.  I guess that happens when you take your 2 kids with you.  Still sorting through all of the pics, so you will have to look at other pictures today instead.

We started the weekend with ballet of course.  Calla and I headed to the studio to take class and my parents picked up India to take her on their weekly jaunt of grocery shopping and to Sam's Club.  She loves this outing.  All of the old ladies handing out samples at the end of each aisle love her too.  She usually comes back to me stuffed full of all sorts of random samples of food and drink, and coupons for dog food and Preparation H.  However, this week the small child named after a large country decided she needed to be in costume because Nene and Papa would take her to get candy if she was in costume.  Digging though the bin churned up Alice in Wonderland.  Kind of sad she will be the last blond baby to wear this.

After meeting up with all of them after class for lunch at Mimi's, not only did my Mother manage to find candy, she found the Chick fil A baby cow, a petting zoo, and various other people dressed as Zombies.  Calla dug up Rapunzel.

Sunday we celebrated Dave's Mom's birthday at their annual leaf jump.  Just ignore grumpy pants.  She had a wonderful time actually.  

My Father in Law hid a bunch of mini pumpkins balls in amongst the leaves and the goal was to find all of them.  The kids had fun with their cousins, and kids from the neighborhood.  We gifted my Mother in Law a lump of coal from the Titanic wreck.  I'll explain in the Texas post later.  

After that, we hit up a local Nursery to score some pumpkins.  My kids were feeling deprived that it was almost Halloween and we didn't have any.  So with a 1/2 an hour left until their closing we quickly hopped out, grabbed some pumpkins, threw them in the truck and jetted.  Pretty sure we looked like a bunch of pumpkin thieves to everyone around us.  But the owner had already told us to come and pick put what ever we wanted.  And Lord knows I have more than paid for a brand new car full of pumpkins there this year.  

Back at home with our stash, everyone started carving outside until it was realized that the Cowboys were playing football on the tv inside.  Later on that night as the girls were brushing their teeth I found that drywall saw he was holding to carve the pumpkins sitting on the bathroom counter next to India and her toothbrush.  Must have been a good game.  

Twit and Twat love pumpkins.  Who wants to take bets on how long they last on the porch before Rusty gets bored and eats them candle and all like last year?

Scrounging around the fridge and freezer I found chicken broth, hominy, tomatoes, chicken, and green chilies.  So dumped it all into a pot added some onions and cumin and called it green chili chicken posole stew.

I also dumped a half a stick of butter in a pan with some pumpkin seeds and spices and toasted those bad boys up.

Then I ladled it all up with some cheese and fresh cilantro and tossed some pumpkin seeds on top.  Just call me Martha.  Currently, I don't have most basic ingredients in the pantry like sandwich bread to make the kids lunches, but I do randomly have all of the fixings for that concoction, a large bottle of fat free vanilla coffee creamer and 5 different jars of pickles.  Not to worry though.  I plan on shopping in my parent's pantry later today because I am not about to brave Sam's Club at 5 pm.

So, I am actually dressing up for Halloween this year.  I don't often do that other then say a witch's hat, but the girls talked me into it, and thanks to the clearance rack at Tarjay Boutique I am able to.  For those of you who are friends with me on Facebook and Pinterest, you know about my want lately for a peacock.  Sadly this did not come in my size, but I am pretty sure it will fit the Dip Shit Dingo Dog.   Oh Rusty Roo....Donde Esta?  Mommy has something for you.  ;)    

Hasta pepita!


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