Thursday, November 1, 2012

Trick or Treat

Well I suppose I should post our Halloween pictures now instead of the Texas trip because I know everyone will be moaning and groaning about seeing someone else's kids in a freakin' halloween costume a week later.  Honestly, don't blame ya one bit.

So let's start with the day.  Getting 2 kids ready for school and all of the crap they have to take with them is a serious part time job daily.  Did we get the library book?  Wait, did you sign off on the spelling homework, or was I supposed to?  Where the heck is Tiana.  She won't take a nap without that damn Tiana doll.  Somebody better dig her up like now.  Anyone need lunch or is it pizza day?  I need a day planner to keep it all straight, and my kids need rolling suitcases to schelp it all to school in.

Then BAM along comes a Halloween party and suddenly it is like flight operations organizing all United flights in and out of DIA.  You have to remember which kid was allowed to go to school in costume with a change of clothes in their backpack, and which kid had to go in their regular clothes with their costume in the backpack.  Of course you can't forget one item from that costume because all Holy War will break out.  God forbid ya forgot the matching headband.  The Zombies might as well come and get me now, the world will be ending.

Oh and snacks.  Don't forget the snacks for the class.  They know it is the end of the month and the quarter for work.  So they know you can't help at the classroom party, but you better damn well send snacks in your place.  It isn't like the kids won't be getting enough sugar and candy that evening so let's have a party involving juice boxes, cookies, cupcakes and gummies.  God Bless the teachers who have them all day and get anything done.  Did I mention India didn't nap yesterday?  Well no shit she didn't nap, I am shocked they got her to even lie down.  I would have been like a 3 headed purple monster swinging from the cubbies.

Any who, they had fun and truthfully in all my bitching that is all that matters.  I did dress up, which doesn't usually happen.  Now I know why.  No one else did.  Whatever, I went as Rosie the Riveter.  

My Father in Law bless his heart asked if I was supposed to be Aunt Jemima.  Really!!!!! I have no words.
All images from Google

The resemblance is striking.  Truthfully I can't tell the difference, but it may be the candy talking.

By the way if you would like to learn more about the history of Aunt Jemima click here:  I had no idea Disney was involved.  Kind of cool!

Since we live in the country, we have no trick or treaters and we have nowhere to trick or treat.  Even though my closest neighbor looks like Rob Zombie everyday, we all head elsewhere to get our sugar fix.  This year we trekked it into my Brother in Law's house.  Needless to say the children were more then excited to stop taking obligatory pics and get a move on.  

Calla went as a mermaid.  She learned how hard it is to be like a mermaid with legs in a tight dress when she blew out the back of it at school.  I spent our drive in sewing up an 8" hole in the back seam on the way into town.   Confucius say: snatch the candy relays are best done in looser clothes, not a mermaid tail.

India went as Marie Antoinette.  With her head on.  FYI it is 10:30 on Nov. 1st and she has officially been in the costume over 24 hrs. now.  Dave dressed up in overalls and a flannel.  He had a rainbow afro wig to wear but India told him he looked scary an it had to go.  It was just scary to see Dave with hair again, rainbow or not.

After getting at least 1 slice of pizza in each kid, we all went out as one big funky bunch to terrorize the neighborhood.  I say big because at one point I think there were 30 of us.  The group just kept growing.  Some of the people in the neighborhood got really into Halloween.

I mean they really got into Halloween.  My pictures don't do it justice.

This house was really cool.  It did scare India a bit, but the people who lived there were so nice.  I just wonder how long they will leave it up, and if they get this into Christmas?

The kids crashed pretty hard on the way home.  The sugar high was long gone.  This was the best part of the evening for Dave and I because we had to "inspect" the candy to make sure it was ok.

Yeah it was fine.  This morning when Calla woke up she asked for the Sour Patch Kids to go in her lunch.  What Sour Patch Kids?  You didn't get any Sour Patch Kids?  I packed you a Tootsie Roll.  *Grinning*

Hi Ho Hi Ho it is off to the gym I go.  But only after Mrs. Butterworth and I have our lunch date at Aunt Sarah's Pancake House.

XOXO, Cara

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