Monday, November 12, 2012

Babies, soup, and cupcakes

It's Monday and I am officially out of the "good" Halloween candy.  We are down to random flavor Tootsie Rolls, (love the chocolate ones, but lemon?......,) Gobstoppers, and Smarties.  In other words, rocks and chalk.  I have no intention of buying more, even though Target just replaced any orange and black bag of candy and with a green and red one in the back of the store.

A couple of weeks ago a good friend of mine asked if I would help her and some other gals to plan and give a baby shower to one of our fellow dancers.  My first shower was almost entirely all fellow dancers a few of my best girl friends, and was a really good time.  Calla is still rocking the tutus.  Since I didn't really need a lot for India, we got together and had lunch at Fiona's.

So after about 30+emails between all of us, some Pinterest research, and a shopping trip in the freezing rain with 3 kids, we pulled it off.  Seriously how did I ever plan events without Pinterest?  Actually, in hindsight it probably would have made me insane with every bride showing up with ridiculous requests involving mini farm animals and Christmas lights.  Nevermind.  Moving on.

The day started with us gathering at my friend Mackenzie's house to lay out all of the food and decorations.  I was in charge of the favors and was the left arm to the hostess with the mostest.  Sadly I didn't take any pictures of the favors, but my girls and I wrapped 35 bottles of nail polish in a rainbow array of pink colors while Dave plowed snow Sat. night.  The lady at the store asked what I was doing with all of them I told her it was for a baby shower.  She said, "Well thank God it's not a boy."  "Who likes blue nail polish?"  Um....Me!

Because we knew it would be a bit chilly out we decided 4 varieties of soup from Spoons and bread from Great Harvest would be yummy.  Turns out it was like 20 degrees cold yesterday so chili, and broccoli cheese soup was perfect.  We pooled crockpots like a church ladies at a social and away we served.
Time to eat

A good friend of the Mother to be offered to make cupcakes.  Since none of us are ever willing to turn turn down cupcakes, we munched on chocolate, vanilla, red velvet, and gingerbread flavors.  We also put out various pink swirled suckers and candies in bowls to snack on while presents were opened.  Thus creating a dessert bar with coffee for everyone.

The gorgeous mother Allison in the center 
Good Friends 
And Family
After all of that I wasn't up for cooking dinner, so I stopped at my favorite restaurant, ie. Mom's Kitchen Diner for carryout.  On the menu: Soup.  


  1. cute ideas ...I love pinterest for that reason :) and I hate when all the good candy is gone. Ours has been in that state for quite some time

  2. Thank you. I have to tell myself during the day that I can't look at it until I get done with my work on the computer because I will be sucked in. Def. suffering from candy withdrawal, but not bad enough to eat that banana flavored tootsie pop, or go to the store and buy an entire candy bar. Even though with those minis I know I consumed way more. Viva la Butterfinger!