Saturday, February 11, 2012

WTF Friday and Saturday

It has been a bit since we did a WTF Friday, and for those of you who are friends with me on Facebook, you know where I am headed with this.  There are just some days and some people that make you go hum.

Yesterday was a day full of running all over creation finishing up some errands, pulling permits, looking at a property for a mowing bid, trolling Habitat for lost treasures etc.

In the midst of all of that I stopped to get my car washed.  The line for the wash part was long, so I decided to vacuum first.  I had just finished the driver's side and moved over to the passenger side when I noticed the woman in the car next to me giving me "the look."  It was not a pretty look.

Just as I pulled the hose out to vacuum she stopped talking on her cell phone outside of the car and said to me, "Could you stop making noise please I am on the phone and I can't hear anything!" As I type this it seems like it could be interpreted as being a polite statement.  It was not.  It took all my strength to not suck that f'n phone off her face and keep on going.  I had so much crap to do yesterday, and I really wasn't in the mood to be confrontational, not to mention she kind of took me off guard.  I was at the car wash.

I just looked at her and said, "SERIOUSLY!"  yelling over the vacuum of course, and went right back to vacuuming.   Perhaps she was having a really bad day, or the call was so damn important she couldn't call them back in a few.  I don't know, but regardless get back in your car and stop yelling at people for no reason.  

Onto today.

This morning it snowed.  Yipee Skippy, Mommy can pay the bills for March.  Dave was out plowing when I got a phone call from him saying he was on his way back here to pick up some ice melt.  (Exciting stuff I know.  Stay with me.)

He came to the back door phone in hand and this is how the conversation went:

Dave: "Did you spend $700 at AT&T yesterday on the business credit card?"

Me: "Um, no.  But a new i phone 4 would be nice.  Even if I did, we are eligible for an upgrade and it    wouldn't cost $700 unless I upgraded both of us, and bought a wireless card too and maybe some new otter boxes." (this is the point when I give too much information to a man who just wants a simple answer because he has been up since 2 am working, and really is not comprehending me and my 2 cup of coffee hyper rambling)  :)

Dave: (Being super patient at this point) "How about Bed Bath and Beyond?"

Me: (After getting "the look" from him after the first question probably best to keep this answer short.)

Dave "Ok, how about $200 at Home Depot?"

Me: "Yes!  I spent $200 at Home Depot yesterday.  That reminds me, we need to bring in all of the tile I bought out of the trunk of my car."

Dave: ("The look" again along with an eye roll.)  "Ok, well then I guess I'll call Capital One back and tell them my wife bought $200 worth of stuff form Home Depot but not Bed Bath and Beyond."

Me: "Make sure you tell them I also got gas and went to the car wash on that card.  Do you think they want to hear about the lady at the car wash yesterday who......" (Stopped because of "the look")

Needless to say he finished the call with loss prevention in the truck.  Turns out someone in FL, not even here, was having a grand old time on our dime.  Who ever it is,  I hope when the are at the car wash next talking on that shiny new i phone now funded by Capital One, someone like me actually sucks the phone up just to make a point.



  1. OMG. Freakin' hilarious as always! Seriously!?!? I would've lost my sh** with that woman. The nerve!

  2. I was truly stunned! And as you know I am not often at a loss for words. Must be loosing my touch with age.