Wednesday, February 15, 2012


Love is:

Dressing up little girls in as much pink as you can find for Valentine's Day at school. (Wasn't exactly hard.)

Love is:

Sharing BBQ with your "Sweet Baboo" overlooking the twinkling lights of Old Town.  Yes, I said BBQ.  Mexican food was our next choice. you thought I was going to say something romantic like French food or Oysters?  Nobody eats that. 

Love is:
Promising your 5 yr. old that you will visit her classroom for their Valentine's day party.  Even though that many small children, their mothers, and the 20 lbs. of candy & sugar you know is coming home with you afterwards leaves you filled with enough anxiety that a Xanax for lunch beforehand would have been a good idea. 

Love is: 
Attending above mentioned party.  Then having a 5 yr. old boy tell you your fly is down after being at the party for 20 min..  After zipping up and trying to make a joke of the whole thing, you find the one clock hidden in the room and realize you still have 20 more min. to go before the damn party is over, and your child still hasn't completed drawing and pasting the 4 chambers of the heart onto a freakin lace doily.

Hope y'all had a wonderful Valentine's day, and received all of the goodies you were hoping for.  And if you were single this year, I hope you had a drink and enjoyed having some time to yourself.  Because some time to myself these days would be heaven on earth.  I would drink away my anxieties in rum and mint. (after my Xanax)

For those of you wondering what I got for Valentine's Day:


Because it is the gift that keeps on giving!  :)  


  1. What are you guys tiling now?!!!
    And, how do you find the time to do these projects?
    Love you!

  2. :) More to come. Wait till you see what Dave did to the front yard.