Sunday, February 19, 2012

Once upon a Pinterest dream

Perhaps you have heard of a little thing called Pinterest?

You can learn all sorts of things from Pinterest.  How to dress with an unlimited budget, make fancy cocktails and find all sorts of junk to recycle and decorate your home with.  It also has unlimited crafts for your bored and whining child to do on a day off from school.  

Step one:
Go to Home Depot with instructions for your 5 yr old in the car beforehand.   "If anyone asks, we are looking for colors to repaint your bedroom."  

Step two:
Enter paint section and proceed to pick out a crap ton of Disney paint chips for free in a rainbow array of colors.  

Step three:
Head home and talk Daddy into doing 95% of the project found on Pinterest for you.  

Exhibit A

An Easter egg garland courtesy of Behr Paint & The Home Depot

One of the things I kept seeing on Pinterest over the Holidays were headboards made out of reclaimed wood.  Every picture I pinned and showed Dave he kept telling me he could make make better.  Since we live on an old dairy farm it only seemed fitting our bed be something different and made out of barn wood.  Free was good.  

So, El Cheepo decided free was good too, and rounded up some old fencing and corrugated metal roofing to make me a bed for Christmas.  He was also excited he didn't have to brave the mall to pick something out either.  


(Don't ya just love my excellent i phone picture taking?)  The option to leave the metal off the back of the bed was there and have it be open, but I really wanted to have the metal incorporated somehow.  He even managed to find pieces that still had the hardware holes.  

It is the perfect amount of rustic without saying "Howdy folks, welcome to our Dude Ranch."  Because we don't have a Dude Ranch.  We have a dipshit dingo dog ranch.  

Y'all come back now ya hear?  No seriously...... I just found a new recipe for Sweet Tea on Pinterest.  



  1. Love the headboard! And love how crafty you guys are. Hopefully one day I'll have my own farm and will get to do fun little projects like that :)

  2. Thank you. The list is never-ending!!!! Now he is ripping up the front yard. Just wait.

  3. I LOVE that headboard!!!!!!!! beautiful!