Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Pop Quiz

I didn't want to put up the Christmas tree this year.  Seriously!  I wasn't being lazy or being Grinch like I promise.  But Calla really wanted to put the tree up.  She is 5 and the motherly guilt of depriving my baby of a traditional Christmas kicked in, so with Ingrid's help we hauled everything down from the barn, and put the stinkin thing up Friday.

No sir ree..... I was afraid this would happen:

And it did.  We took precautions.  It is sitting on Calla's desk up off the ground.  It is the smaller of the 2 trees we own, and my parents lent us this cool iron screen thing to hang stockings from and help to block it off.  Yeah, none of that worked.

So I ask you kind friends and family.  Who do you suppose knocked down Señor Tree 5 min. before I had to be at Nutcracker rehearsal last night and 10 min. after Dave walked in from a long work day in Estes Park?

The small child named after a large country?

or The Dipshit Dingo Dog?

Both are fine examples of why I didn't want to put up the freakin' tree in the first place.  In case you were wondering, everyone is ok and about 15 ornaments bit the dust.  Mostly ceramic and German glass ornaments.  Surprisingly the Waterford Crystal one from Ireland held up fine.  Bloody heavy sucker.  And thank God Elmo just lost a leg, because WWIII would have erupted had the red demon been damaged beyond amputation.

Needless to say it gave Dave a chance to decorate the tree this time around with the girls last night while I was gone.

I am also including the obligatory Thanksgiving Turkey Trot photo.  Not because it goes with this post, but because it doesn't really make sense to show you pictures of Thanksgiving after showing you pictures of our Christmas tree.  Even though Target has justified having Christmas up and running since Halloween.  Make sense to you?  No, me either?  Here is the damn photo anyway.

Can you tell Ingrid is the model and not me.  She struck a pose.  Everyone else is relaxed, and I look like I need to poop.  Ok, maybe I did.


P.S.  It isn't too late to get Nutcracker tickets.  If you are planning on going, email me, or text message me, and let me know what show you will be at.  I will try and come and see you at intermission without the Granny wig.


  1. Are you serious?! WTH happened!?

    Btw, I wasn't striking a pose. It was all I could do to not fall over while trying to inch closer to Calla. That damn sculpture was in the way.

  2. You look great! One of these days I will learn how to stand so it is more flattering in pics.