Friday, November 18, 2011

WTF Friday

I am loving Pinterest.  And after the hum dinger of a week we have had at work, this is about all my brain can handle.  Let's just say if you don't have employees who do stupid crap, consider yourself blessed.

So if you have had a week like mine, then you will appreciate these photos.  And no, none of them are my employees, but if you would like to chat about them, PM me and we will commiserate my friends.   

Let's start with this. 

 WTF is this, how is the kid supported, and how the hell do you put it on? I must admit, I peed a bit last night when I saw this.  Something about the expression on the kids face.  How that is enjoyable is beyond me.  Takes swaddling to a whole new level.

Ok, now I know this is digitally enhanced, but it is wrong on so many levels

Hi Todd and Jess!  Happy Thanksgiving, hope you are having a grand ol' time.  When you come home, I am not the one to blame if your llamas happen to look like this.   :)

Um....Caution may cause chafing if sitting for long amounts of time while hiding from your children to look at Pinterest because it is the only 5 min. of peace you get to yourself during the day.

Why????  What purpose does this serve.  Only to fog up the screen.  Maybe if you are having trouble paying attention try turning off the tv genius.  Another reason I don't own turtlenecks.

I would imagine if the Target lady in the track suit and heels had nails this is what they would look like.  Seeing as I don't have any nails, perhaps I should just get a tattoo.  

By the way, this is so my costume next year for Halloween.  The sit ups on the concrete balls outside get me every time.  If you have no bloody idea what I am talking about.  You Tube it please. Now!!!0:32Add to Crazy Target Lady- Montage (2010 Commercial)by cyclops2366619,960 views 

And this.....this is just depressing, and another punch to the gut that I am old, and Grandma is the perfect roll for me to play these days in Nutcracker.  I am glad however I didn't grow up dancing in a communist country where they beat you with a stick, starve you, and force you to dance 6 hrs a day until your toes bleed for no money in front of lots of people.  Wait......  :)

Sorry parents of small children who might be around while this is open.  Calla thought this was cute funny dog, and decided I should post it.  Didn't ya know?  She can't read.  

Adios muchachos.  Off to stuff my face full of egg rolls.  


  1. omg. I soo needed this laugh today. thank you. xo

  2. omg. I so needed this laugh today. thank you. xo :)