Sunday, November 13, 2011

PETA on my ass

Ok, so you know that movie Happy Feet?  The one with with all the cute animated penguins that sing and dance? 

If you don’t it’s ok.  Really.  If I didn’t have kids, I probably wouldn’t either.  I would be better able to name the last 3 movies Brad Pitt was in, instead of informing you that the new Muppet movie comes out at Thanksgiving.  In the original Happy Feet there was a character named Lovelace.  He was voiced by Robin Williams.

As you can see Lovelace has one of those 6 pack Coke plastic ring thingies stuck around his neck.  The ones they tell you to cut before you throw it out, because it ends up tangled around wildlife via our rivers and oceans.  


Meet Rhoda.  She is auditioning to be Lovelace’s girlfriend in the new Happy Feet 2 movie.  While she isn’t rocking a plastic Coke holder around her neck, she is sporting the top half of a Styrofoam lid from a takeout container. 

Yesterday we ate lunch at Red Robin. (fitting huh?)  At the end, we boxed up the hamburger bun from my California chicken sandwich (sorry Rho,) and all of the leftover French and sweet potato fries for the chickens.  I guess you could call it a chicken bag instead of a doggy bag, because twit and twat need french fries like they need a hole in their head. 

Today we put out the container with all of the fries for the chickens to munch on.  I left and went to Target ( it is Sunday and the Bronco game was on of course.)  I came home to this.  Freakin chicken loved the fries so much she pecked a hole through the container and was now wearing it around her neck.  Dave finally cornered her and got it off.  Guess it is back to the metal bucket for them.  Perhaps I need to craft a new outfit for Rhoda.  Calla has some popsicle sticks she is saving for a rainy day.  New category for Etsy perhaps?

Hasta Pasta Smile 

All pics except Rhoda courtesy of Google images.  

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