Wednesday, May 11, 2011

A whole bunch of crap about Spring

First off let me begin by wishing Dave a Happy Birthday!  Today begins the month and 5 days where you are officially older then me. You are wonderful daddy and the girls think you are the bees knees.  Love you. 

Spring has Sprung
The grass has ris
I wonder where me tractor is.
         - Rose Smith circa 1990 something

Spring is in full force here on the plains.  I am popping Allegra like jelly beans and loving the blooming lilacs.  We are also watching what seems like 200 baby bunnies eat the grass and various other plants around here like locusts.  Seriously this winter they were so hungry they ate the damn rubber rings off the skid trailer lights.  The baby chickens are no longer babies, and are so big I have to do a double take sometimes to see who is who.  The garden is finally planted (super late) and the seedlings are growing indoors.  So sometime around November I should have peas and tomatoes.  I also planted the annuals in the containers, and now it is hailing and 34 degrees.  Perfect timing. 

Spring time around here also means baby cows.  I snapped these shots of the neighbor's cows.  The mommy cow wouldn't let me get near the baby or her for that matter.  Just as well, if I had a new baby and my boobies were that big I wouldn't let you near either of them.  Now I know I am not the Pioneer Woman who lives on a cattle ranch and can get really great looking close up shots of her cows, so just pretend you can see the picture of the sopping wet pissed off cows.

It also means ballet recital time.  And this tulle creamsicle is where its at this year. 

And it will also be where its at for the next couple of months, because I am sure we will be wearing it as many places as we can.  Since I am not performing until Nutcracker, this means it is up to Calla to carry the torch.  She had pictures taken at the studio this week, and oh my stinkin heck she is cute.  Here are some of the few I took with the phone.

And yes, I will probably have to put India in a tutu on Sat. for the recital, because she will throw a mermaid sized fit if I don't. 

Finally Spring means eating not so much crap so I can wear shorts that are somewhat cute.  Not like these coulottes from the Gap right now.
I am so not kidding these are from the "what's hot trendy new" section.  Perhaps if I lived in Utah on a compound with 15 other Sister Wives, this would be considered hot. 

I thought I would end things here and tell you about my latest misadventure at Target.  Yup another one.  It is starting to become a joke around here kind of like the American Pie movie.  "And this one time at band camp...."  Except in my instance, "And this one time at Target...."  I'll fill in the rest of the blank for you. - I knocked down an entire cucumber display!  Yup, what better place can I  pick up some salad fixins and toilet paper on the way home from dropping the girls off at school.  Why Super Target of course.  When picking through the nice neatly vertically stacked vegetables, it is probably best to not pick the ones on the bottom in the back. Even if they look the best.  Because otherwise you too will look like an idiot at 8:30 am picking up 30 or so cucumbers and trying to restack them while everyone in the Starbucks line laughs hysterically at you.  Too bad I didn't have any kids with me.  I could have blamed it on them.  It is also a good thing my "friend" from the return department didn't see me struggling to restack everything.  She probably would have laughed at me, then offered me her stool. 

Off to pick up Calla and then celebrate an early dinner at Old Chicago.  Nothing like one last hurrah of a Chicago 7 deep dish, a beer to wash it down with and a piece of Cheesecake Factory white chocolate raspberry truffle before it is onto peas and rice with spray butter. 

Happy Spring. 

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