Monday, May 23, 2011


G'day Mates. Just wanted to let you know I'm a mommy again and this time my boobies get to stay out of it. (!!*Happy Dance*!!)

Hi my name is Rusty

I am an 8 week old Australian Cattle Dog.  No I wasn't named after the kid from National Lampoon's Vacation.  (Look kids Big Ben!)  My parents tried to come up with a cool Aboriginal name like Uluru, a slang name like Jackaroo, or even Fosters, but Rusty is what the people who bred my mom named me when I was born, and Rusty is what I'll stay.  Mostly because it is easy for me to hear being yelled across the property when I am up to no good, and my new parents were out of deceased grandparents to name me after anyway. 

I know I may look like Mattie, but I am not her puppy.  That would be like Joan Rivers giving birth to sextuplets and getting her own TLC reality show after Kate  + 8 on Thursday nights.  My mom was a Red Heeler, and my dad was a Blue Heeler.  From what I know that makes me a Purple Heeler.  Just Kidding! :) 

Calla is still a bit hesitant, but is warming up to me.  India on the other hand thinks I am more fun then a can of Cheez Whiz, and will squeeze me like one if given the opportunity.  I am still working on not jumping up on her, but since she is the closest in size to me; I just can't help it. 

As you can see I've made myself right at home.  They even bought me a new chicken to snuggle with which I just love to throw everywhere.  I have met the other chickens and even helped to feed them some strawberry tops.  So far I want nothing to do with them because they are bigger then me. 

Stop in and see me sometime.  I'm pretty friendly, I have stinky puppy breath, and I promise I won't lick you to death.  Maybe........


  1. Yeah!!! Congrats on the new addition :)
    Can't wait to meet her/him?!

    Hugs and kisses to you all,

  2. Him! Mattie is such a twat there is no way she would get along with another girl. :)

  3. I should've used my brain and realized with a name like Rusty...
    I swear sometimes I am surprised I am still able to communicate at all.
    It's funny though, Kannon just got a new therapist on his team named Rusty :)
    Miss you guys.