Monday, December 19, 2011

The Ethel Chronicles

For those of y'all who are my special friends on Facebook, you know that Ethel is the styrofoam wig holder that holds my Grandma wig from Nutcracker.  You also happen to know about the many escapades Ethel has gotten into this last week before we retired her last night after our final performance.

For those of you who are not on Facebook I thought I would share all of her shenanigans here in one big post complete with all of the descriptions from Facebook.  So sit back and follow along.  K.C. this one's for you.  As for the rest of you who are wondering why the hell I am referring to a styrofoam wig holder as Ethel, well....check back later this week and I might get my lazy butt together and attempt a Christmas card letter here on the blog.  If not, don't be surprised.

Before we check Ethel in on Sunday to the home for retired Victorian wigs (the prestigious Le Trash) we thought we'd get her out of the crowded theater dressing room for one last hurrah.  Be sure and check in throughout the week to see where in FOCO Ethel might be spotted next.  


On her way home from dropping the kids off at school, Ethel remembered the chickens were out of food.  However she is not quite sure how to get the 50lb bags up in there because she is kind of short. 

After picking up India later that day, Ethel decided she was hungry.  So we stopped for shrimp salads at La 

Ethel really wanted a donut from Lamar's next door instead, but sadly they closed at 1 pm.

This evening after tonight's Nutcracker show, Ethel ran into a couple of friends of hers across the street from the theater and insisted I help her say hi. 

Since Ethel isn't getting the workout like she used to during the Nutcracker, she decided to hop on a treadmill and "make it work."

So Ethel heard about the Colorado Eagles and thought it would be fun to check out some hockey guys.  

So after visiting the Budweiser event center, Ethel decided she was craving a beer.  So, we trucked it over to New Belgium.

Things were all fun and games until she passed out in the trunk amongst all the new beer flavors.  Damn Ethel!  You are such a lush.  

And so after the last show Ethel and her new haircut settled down for a long Winter's nap with visions of Sugar Plum Fairies dancing in her (lack thereof) brain.  

Came home to this today.  3 words: 1. Dipshit  2. Dingo  3. Dog!  Not sure why the mouth???  It is official.  Ethel has now checked into Le Trash along with all of her feathers and a roll of toilet paper for good measure.  

R.I.P. Ethel It was real while it lasted. 

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