Wednesday, October 5, 2011

What we have been eating Wednesday


Let’s start with the dipshit dingo dog and his rollito.  Here are a list of the things he has ingested in the last week:

1 mouse, 1 bird caught mid air, 1/2 roll of toilet paper, copious amount of chicken shit, the tabs only off 3 non soiled diapers, 1 bean bag, 1 blue crayon, 1 red crayon with sparkles in it, and my smart wool slippers.  (still pissed off about the last one)


Moving onto the pigtailed demon who is named after a large country.  Things she has either eaten or attempted to eat this week:

The tip off of a green marker, random mini lalaloopsy toys, the paint off an elmo barrette, a dog toy, and 1blue crayon the dog didn’t finish. 

Needless to say it has been one big happy rainbow poop fest around here. 

I made the mistake of buying a large bag of Romaine lettuce heads at Sam’s Club last week.  I couldn’t find the normal 3 pack at 2 grocery stores. However, it is now like a self inflicted CSA share with all this damn lettuce around.  We have made a good attempt to eat all 8 heads before they went bad.  Let me just start by saying I am really freakin sick of salads.  We have had taco salad, caeser salad, chef salad, asian chicken salad, and just plain old garden salad for dinner.  If I had the energy I would make the Pioneer Woman’s steak salad, but I am just not sure I can do it.  We are down to 1 head and unless someone can come up with a good recipe for lettuce for me, it might wind up as chicken food.  By the way when I plugged lettuce into Tasty Kitchen, I wound up with a recipe for soup.  Lettuce soup??  Not sure about that.  Think I’ll go munch on a blue crayon like everyone else around here instead. 

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