Thursday, October 13, 2011

Dick and Jane

See Grandma


See Grandpa


Come see Grandma and Grandpa make complete fools of themselves onstage at this years Nutcracker.


There will be 6 performances in Ft. Collins at the Lincoln Center, and 6 in Loveland at the Rialto.  More info on the Ft. Collins shows and where to get tickets can be found here:

Remember I am playing Grandma in all shows, no alternate.  This will not be a tutu, toe shoe, top heavy Chinese wig wearing show for me.  This also means I don’t have to starve myself to fit into any of those things, and I will be in a better mood for the next few weeks.

Pops and I will definitely make the party scene fun, but if you are afraid of falling asleep during the show, I would suggest a matinee.  Dave will be attending a matinee for this reason.  Most likely with my Mother and Children who will be dressed in some form of a tutu……. My Children, not my Mother or Dave.  If you would like to sit with them all in a row and hoot and holler when I fall on my ass numerous times, email me by next Wed., and I will get you tickets to the Sat. matinee.  You can pay me back at some point.  Pappy and I hope to see you there.  Smile


  1. Alright...the music made me a little sad. Reminded me of when I could dance...good for you for still doing it girl.
    Miss you and so wish I could come see you perform.
    I will be there in spirit :)

  2. You can still dance. $20 bucks says you are more flexible then me. I have seen you do yoga. Maybe where K dances?