Thursday, October 6, 2011

Fall is Here……Sort of

The Rocky Mountains are getting snow, and this glorious aspen filled picture was taken in in the Foothills right above us.  My CCB Ballet husband Greg Hughes takes insanely beautiful pictures on his bike rides.  (Seriously this  mountain loop for him was 87 miles. )  Way better then I can, so I figured you would rather see the picture he took then a blurry, too much sun, and shadow filled picture that I would have taken.  Thanks Greggy!  The cooler air however is just a tease.  Next week it will be back into the 80’s.  Oh Joy! 

Today we had a real bang up job of a day.  First, the dipshit dingo dog decided to eat all of the glued on dried macaroni and equally hard marshmallows off the Letter “M” project.  How do you explain to a 5 yr. old at 7:30 this morning on the way out the door that is having a mini mermaid freak out (ones that involve flailing like a mermaid out of water) that either the dog was going to eat it, or the mice will later this winter if I put it in the basement and save it.  So either way it was doomed.  I told her she needed to get over it.  We have other things to worry about like remembering to bring in Show and Tell.   This week was something that started with the letter “S” and we had until today to bring it in.  We of course remembered in the parking lot at 7:55 am this morning.  I made her take in the can of foaming Sunscreen SPF 75.   It was either that or the sports bra I had for later.  I told her she needed to explain how important it was to wear sunscreen on you face everyday when you live at a high altitude to help prevent sun damage and wrinkles.  She looked at me like I was a freak and then said, “Don’t worry, I got it covered I’ll just show them how it foams.” 

Speaking of the basement, the hot water heater decided to finally crap out yesterday.  The water had slowly been getting colder and colder.  We did get it fixed today because I was going on 3 days without a shower, and Dave was on day 4.  I stopped to shower up at my parents after I dropped of my mini me and her bottle of foaming sunscreen at school this morning.  It is like going to a day spa.  A big fat rain shower head (with hot water ) and all sorts of nice bath products stolen from my mom’s bathroom made me super happy.  Seeing as I am too busy and lazy right now to boil some water for Me, Pa n’ the chillins for the ol’ tub, the tank needed to be fixed asap.  After a pricing snafu being honored and a pan of brownies for the plumber, I was able to score the whole heater for a better price then it could have been.  We now have hot water again and I couldn’t be happier. 

So it looks like the rice pot that shit out earlier this week that was going to get replaced with a combo steamer, rice cooker, oatmeal maker, and egg boiler will have to wait a bit.  I am not even sure  I know how to make rice any other way except for steam in the bag in the microwave.  When Dave and I first started dating he made me a yummy chicken dinner with rice.  He was in the kitchen boiling the rice and I asked him what in the world was he doing.  He replied, “making rice.”  I proceeded to follow it up with the very blond answer of, “I didn’t know you could make rice on the stove?” We had a long talk about the Chamorros that evening over dinner.  I don’t think he fully understood the whole famdamnily, and their affection for their rice pots, until he walked into a Guamanian kitchen in 1999 at a mini reunion in San Diego.  Sitting on the counter were no less then 4- 5 rice pots plugged in and lined up ready to go next to a whole roast pig sitting on the counter waiting to be carved. 

Tomorrow is Friday.  Calla has a running laps around the school fundraiser  to raise money for the hospital tomorrow.  I called each grandparent, spared the rest of the family in town, and proceeded to throw a $20 in the envelope and called it good.  I figured I had 2 c–sections with the hospital system and paid enough money to them already.  She will not be winning the prize for donations collected but gets some good exercise.  I asked if we could come and watch her her run, and she boldly said, “NO!”  I asked her if she would be embarrassed if we were there to cheer her on.  Her response….”YES!”  Well ok then.

I’ll go run my own laps without her tomorrow, and then come home and take a nice hot long shower!

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