Tuesday, July 12, 2011

"Summer lovin had me a blast"

Ok, so it is 8 am and the kids and dogs are still sleeping.  No I didn't drug them (thought about it) but didn't I promise.  It probably has more to do with the fact the trash man hasn't come to dump the dumpster this week yet.  But when he does, I know I am going to get charged extra.  Dave decided to shove and old skate half pipe that somehow ended up at our house years ago into the dumpster, along with 3/4 of a tile patio we ripped up.  Top it with our usual household trash, various dead bunnies and mice the dogs have caught, and the contents off the floor of the chicken coop and you have the mixings for a really nasty heavy dumpster cocktail.  Hey maybe all the damn flys will go away???

The other reason the kids are probably sleeping is Oliver the rooster has found himself a new chicken ranch to sow his oats at.  We found a sweet 14 yr old girl who lives close and has 1 hen and a cat for him to play with. So the former Olivia 2 the hen, is not crowing at 5 am.  By the way, we are done naming chickens Olivia.  The previous Olivia got eaten by the Chupacabra if you remember, and the 2nd turned out to be a rooster, so from here on out any new chicken we get will be named after a chicken dish.  Seriously.  Top fav's on the list.....Teryaki, Extra Crispy, Marsala, and Mole'.  And if we end up with another rooster, he will be apty named General Tso.   If you have any to add, by all means keep em comin.

So instead of explaining "Where the hell have you been?"  a la Nanny,   I figured I would show you what we have been doing while off on my blogcation.  Because I know you would much rather see pics of my kids then hear me ramble on about my dumpster and chickens.  We aren't taking a true "vacation" this year, because no one with the last name Doyle or Smith organized one, and I am too lazy to do so myself.  I decided we are having a "staycation."  We are hitting up various activities and things to do around here and Denver.  And because y'all know me so well, you know I am slacking.  So, today in between a planting plan for a landscape design, and the dishes, I am attempting to schedule out what is left of the summer with fun activities and places to go with the kids before I lose my mind.  If we get to everything on the on the list before school starts it might be a miracle.  Because anymore it takes so freakin long just to round everyone up and get the heck out of the house.  Even with me in no makeup and Nike diaper run shorts, and everything organized and packed waiting in various bags ready to go by the door, it is a process. As I am sure many of you can relate. 

It is also time to do the last dreaded India blood recheck from the Dr.'s office debacle.  I know everything will be fine since it was ok last time, but having to go through the blood draw and waiting for the results again makes me somewhat manic, and will most likely send my BP through the roof.  My plan is to deal with it through some nice long runs, but as we all know I will most likely deal with the waiting at Anthropologie and Nordys with my Amex card.  Will keep ya posted.  Enjoy the pics. 

We neutered the dog on the equivelent of the WIC program at CSU.  If you take your 2 stinky bickering kids and 1 out of control puppy to the teaching hospital and tell them you got the dog off a farm and you have been giving him shots from the store yourself, but can't remember when you gave them, then you qualify for the "this crazy lady needs some help program."  In other words, we got the dog neutered and all his shots for dirt cheap, just so we aren't irresponsible FOCO citizens.  By the way did I mention we have an excellent vet and Mattie just cost me $200 alone for her annual pap smear! 

Princess Oatmeal Breakfast

4th of July 4 k around the lake in Windsor.  Dave's Dad, my Mom, Calla, Dave, and I.  Yes India is in the stroller somewhere, and no that is not a double stroller.  We had to leave Mattie at the start line with my Dad and Dave's Mom.  She was being her usual twat self. 

Rusty: "Come on give me the hand please, just give me the hand!"

She lasted all of 10 min in the wagon around the Parent's neighborhood before deciding to walk.  Needless to say it made for a super hot long parade route back.  Oh well, the free snow cone truck with do it yourself syrup made up for it.  Love that my Parents pay their HOA dues. 

Miss 4th of July.  By the way, when you go to Wally World on the 3rd of July, all you get are large bows you have to steal out of the deli's decorations. 

Because she is a midget like me and needs to see.

Rockin the pool in the front yard

Fro yo, and Concerts in Old Town

    After dinner at Coopersmith's
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  1. Love the pics....I still need to figure out where that lake path is in Windsor...not that I can walk on it right now but I'm hoping to be able to walk again in the future (HA!)! Lets get together soon!