Monday, January 17, 2011

Technology is becoming a royal pain in my hiney butt

I know some of you are just dying with anticipation waiting for the pictures of India's birthday last weekend. :) I promise you I am not being lazy for once in my life.  It appears I have somehow managed to piss off the technology Gods. 

While our computer didn't technically crash, our accounting software and photo software files have somehow become corrupt, and will not open.  Dave swears he was not buying weapons from the Mexican drug cartel, or opening emails from someone named Svetlana in Russia promising a good time if you watch her video on You Tube.  Oh sure, you can still surf the internet and design multimillion dollar landscapes no problem.  But seeing as I am not supposed to be shopping for things like the latest Spring fashions or even clearance sweatpants from Victoria's Secret, because no one is calling us in the middle of a recession in January to design multimillion dollar landscapes for their property; those programs are useless to me.  No I need to finish the accounting for the last quarter of 2010, and get all of my photos dumped and updated.   I am not exactly sure what is wrong, but I am sure it will require a complete hard reset of the entire mothership / motherboard thingy, a roll of Tums, a bag of Cheetoes and a large Slurpee to fix. 

For those of you keeping up and reading previous posts, show and tell last week required something from Mom and Dad's work.  Of course the Mommy in Calla's class who has her you know what together actually took a picture of the trucks that the Daddy drove.  Me, I forgot entirely.  It wasn't until we walked into school and I saw the board outside the classroom with the giant "Don't Forget" reminder that I knew I was hosed.  So back out to the car we went to find something, because I knew if we didn't find anything it would be a huge mermaid meltdown.  Looking around I had my choices......a bag of Dum Dum suckers (ok mommy eats these while she is trying not to scream at Barbara from a foreign country in tech support while she asks for the fiftieth time if I have restarted the computer)  some expired license plates (yup time for a trip to the County Clerks office)  an empty box from Norton Antivirus 2011 for the stupid computer (are you sensing the trend yet)  and the camera.  Nothing cool like the ice melt spreader or various power tools like Dave rolls around with in his truck.  So in order to make it somewhat fun, I gave her the camera and showed her how to use it, and explained that there were pictures on there of the latest landscaping project her Daddy was working on.  Now before you have a heart attack like the teacher did when I explained I sent our work camera to school with our 4 yr old, it is a very hardy "Tough" version Olympus.  I have learned over the years when you send something light and slim with employees to a dusty, dirty, and muddy environment, they will break it.  This camera like our phones is waterproof and shock proof, and hasn't been run over by the skid steer yet.  Show and Tell went off well, and the camera made it home in better condition than normal. 

So now I am faced with getting pictures off the computer and onto our hard drive the hard way.  Once I do, rest assured pics of the party will be posted.  In the mean time, let me leave you with yet another reason why technology is not my friend. 

One of the things they teach 4 yr olds in preschool is how to recognize numbers on things like a digital clock and the telephone.  Sweet, she can now tell me what time it is when we are running late and how to punch in Dave's phone number when my hands are full.  However, she can now also read the numbers on the digital scale and tell everyone how much she weighs and how much more I weigh.........Lovely.  


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