Friday, January 7, 2011

10 things I learned this week just because I know you are sick of looking at vacation photos already.

1.  Children will throw everything out of a shopping cart just for fun over and over and over and over again if you put them in the cart part in an attempt to make it harder for them to climb out. 

Exhibit A. Sitting nicely before entering store.
(Who Us....... We don't do bad things in the grocery store, we are innocent and perfect children.) 

(Ha!  Don't let the ears fool ya.  I am Super Bad the Toothless Wonder!  Able to chuck things from the cart faster then you can say Hamburger Helper.)   

2.  One can not truly appreciate having a mudroom until it is actually covered in mud from living on a farm with or without animals.

3.  I am considering the 40 lb mudflap of a dog and her owner Mr. Doyle farm animals since they are the largest contributors of the mud in the mudroom.

4.  Teething sucks, but evidently Fritos and Double Stuff 1/2 and 1/2 Oreos help.

5.  However..... the Fritos mixed with Mexican food, purple carrots and blueberries make for quite possibly the nastiest and smelliest combo of baby poop the following day. 

6.  My chickens are terrified to leave their coop since the mysterious Chupacabra came and ate into one of them last week.  On a side note, the incidents of Chupacabra happenings must be on the rise because when I logged onto Yahoo today it was the # 2 most searched item between Raven Symone loosing weight and Mike Tyson.  Wait....Mike Tyson is not the Chupacabra?  :)  

7.  I am floored at how the 4 yr old can teach the 1 yr old how to shop and download apps onto my phone, but can't figure out how to use the tv remote to change channels between Nick Jr. and PBS Kids every half hour.

8.  I can make some pretty fabulous food for my family, but I can not get Jello or any Jello product like tapioca to harden to save my life. 

9.  I still can't figure out why if I make a dedicated shopping list to go with my meal plan for the week and take a day to shop for everything, I still have to make daily trips to Target, Wal Mart or King Stupids. 

10.  I just found out that next weeks theme for Show and Tell at Calla's preschool is to bring in something your Mom and Dad use all the time at work.  Um.....Houston would you like to take your pick from the skid steer, weedwacker, truck snow plow, or paper shredder?   Perhaps Mr. Doyle will be taking her to school next Fri in a work truck.  It will be like a mini field trip. 

Have a great weekend.  The toothless wonder turns 1.  My God where has the time gone.  Check back for photos of the mess next Fri.


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  1. Happy Early Birthday beautiful India :) I want to say it now, because lord knows I will never remember to do it next week! I hope you guys are great...I miss you all terribly. Hugs XOXO