Friday, August 17, 2012

Old MacDoyle Had a Farm

So la dee da.....  Calla started school on Tuesday.  I kept stressing on Monday that she was supposed to be there and I forgot.  Why they can't just start something on a Monday is beyond me.  

That would be your obligatory first day of school picture.  She kept the hat on all day since it was lightweight.  So stinkin' cute, but i'm biased obviously.  Thanks mom for the outfit.  Calla said it was super duper comfy.  

With the lovely notion that summer was coming to a screeching halt a few weeks ago, we figured we should do more together as a family.  While most people take trips to the lake and or head camping, it just wasn't in the cards.  We did the next best thing.  Headed to the various fairs and festivals in search of animals, corn dogs, and the illustrious Dole Fruit Whip Cart.  Don't know what Dole Fruit Whip is?  Have ya' ever been to Disney Land or World and seen a line line stretched out and winding though half of Adventureland for a food cart that looks like a tiki hut, and may be outside of the "Tiki Tiki Room where the birds all sing and the flowers croon"?? (Ok, I'll stop, you are welcome!) In the tiki tiki tiki room:) That would be the Dole Whip stand.  Too bad they don't drive through the neighborhood with a dingy bell like the ice cream man.  Wait, I don't live in a neighborhood.  Never mind that random thought. 

No Line.  Score!!

It is basically a non dairy low fat yummy treat.  For someone like me who used to work at a place like Ben and Jerry's because it was one of the only places that I wouldn't eat the food (love me food!)  because I am lactose intolerant, non dairy creaminess that doesn't taste like chalk is a bonus.  Pineapple Raspberry Swirl with a side of a hairy tattooed arm.  Again, you are welcome.  

You can even wear a shirt with a pineapple that actually says Dole if you would like to look like a big idiot.  I swear that wasn't planned it just happened, and Dave almost snorted the fruit whip when we realized what I was wearing.  This also explained why the Fruit Whip ladies were laughing at me.  I am used to people laughing at me for no reason, however I couldn't figure out why they ladies were.   Now we know.  

So back to the entertainment.  We hit up the Larimer County Fair, even though we don't live in Larimer County.  Technically we live in Weld, but Larimer is closer and nice.  I guess we'll figure out Weld County one of these days when I force Calla to join 4H so I can be a Stage Mom as she shows her chickens.  That way she can earn a scholarship to "insert expensive college of choice here."  And if I am the Stage Mom, you better believe that chicken cage will be blinged and bedazzled to high heaven and that chicken might have more Aveda styling product in it's "do" then the average $3 chicken shown at the fair.  It will be like Toddlers and Tiaras for chickens.  

We also hit up New West Fest the following weekend.  Both had the fruit whip stand so all was well with the world, and Mama was happy.  Because we all know if Mama ain't happy, ain't nobody happy.

Back to the fair, because I took more pictures there then downtown at New West Fest of the drunk sweaty people.    

 Psst Daddy, can I have a goat?

Just kidding I want a cow instead.  It will make Rusty happy.

This goose was willing to come home with us.  

So was this rooster.  Sorry buddy.  Been there done that.    

 Now that I have my frizzles and silkies, I need this colorful funky chicken.  The funkier and freakier the better.

Turkey for me. Turkey for you. :)

Once we were done staring at various animals and drug my Dad out of the alpaca and llama barn, we hit up some of the other festivities.  Thankfully nothing that went up and down or spun all around.  Because the only thing I do at a fair that involves spinning is cotton candy.  I am secretly hoping Calla doesn't grow anymore till she is 12, because then we won't have to endure any of those damn carnival rides until she is old enough to go on them with her friends.  Love my short kid!
 Dave found himself a funnel cake and a piece of equipment he seemed to think he needed for work.  Sure honey, I'm sure CDOT would love us driving that thing around the streets of Ft. Collins.  Pretty sure it won't fit into the standard 42" backyard gate either.  I completely understand how quickly it would excavate an area for a patio, but we don't have trailer it would fit on.  Not to mention the monthly payment probably exceeds my mortgage x's 3.

The antique tractors were cool, as was the free bouncy slide in the back.  I told India to stand with Calla so I could take her picture.  She stuck her tongue out at me and told me she wouldn't smile unless I bought her a cow or Daddy that loader.  Ok not really, but knowing Dave didn't have a straight face or smile in pictures from the age of 5-25 I am pretty much doomed.

Not my Dipshit Dingo Dog, but someone else's.  This got us thinking that if we work with him he may be able to jump for his tennis ball pretty far next year.  That is if I don't kill him between now and then.  

Have a happy weekend.  We are headed to a birthday party tonight for one of my favorite little nuggets, and have a play date tomorrow with good friends.  Who am I?????


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