Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Cowboys and Chobani

Well, we survived Cheyenne Frontier Days and Zac Brown Band.  Why they can't do it in March is beyond me.  I had on shorts and was bloody hot.  Not sure how the cowboys do it in long sleeves and jeans all damn day.  It can't be because they are acclimated to it, because Dave works outside all day and even he was hot in shorts.  Cowboys are just crazy.   

If you are friends with me on Facebook, well then you may have seen this rare and lovely picture of the two of us.  Yes, I wore the hat, and the belt buckle with flip flops.  Sacrilegious I know, but I would have never gotten f'n boots off my feet at the end of the night.  Between the beer and the corn dog ( yes I know we need to work on my diet right now,)  I could have just seen my drunk ass falling off the end of the bed at 1 am trying to pull the damn boots off my sweaty swollen feet.  By the way, I did refrain from eating a funnel cake because I had the corn dog.  Priorities people.  I figured since the hot dog was cooked I was safe.  I was starving and sugar just didn't sound good in the heat.  Fair food scares me, especially that giant turkey leg.    

So last night just as we were getting the girls ready for bed, a huge gale storm gust of winds came through and knocked the power out.  I really wasn't in the mood to play Little House on the Prairie.  And I don't mean Charles and Caroline Ingalls pretend to make another baby in the dark farmhouse. We don't have ac, so the cooler wind was actually welcome, but it freaked the girls out a bit.  

Instead of sitting around in the dark, we lit some candles.  Except the only ones I could find were not hand dipped beeswax like our good friends the Ingalls, but were citronella, or super smelly.  Seeing as we are more Nellie then Laura, super smelly won.  Yankee Candle "Dune Grass" in the living room, and Bath and Body Works "Lemon Mint" in the bedroom.  You did have to pee in the dark, because I was out of candles.  There's rustic for you.  

Also, when you are in the dark without the distractions of House Hunters and Mega Builders in the background, it is pretty much guaranteed that you will have talk to your significant other that time of the night because there is nothing else to do.  Therefore it wasn't any surprise when Dave and I started fighting about what time we should start digging out coolers or transfer the mass amounts of Noosa and Chobani yogurt we had sitting in the fridge to the deep freeze downstairs.  The deep freeze couldn't hold everything, but there is enough ice build up in there to create a giant cooler out of it.  The coolers had more space, but we didn't have enough ice.  

I could live with the eggs and ketchup sitting out, but with a carton of Noosa at damn near $2.50 a piece and the Chobani not much better, I wasn't about to loose the 25 or so cartons of yogurt we had in the fridge.  Vive la Chobani!!!   We eat an obnoxious amount of yogurt, and yes......Dave and I can fight about pretty much anything.   Serious or stupid.  

At some point he gave up and left to go up the road to see who still had power.  Evidently this is a popular thing to do in my neck of the woods when the power is out, because we saw more traffic and people on the road at 10 pm then at 6 pm.  It was like cruising at the local Sonic, minus the cherry limeades, tots, and classic cars.  I didn't bother calling the Rural Electric Company because this wasn't our first Rodeo. Hah! Rodeo, get it?  I know the neighbors had already called and bugged them at least 3-4 times each.  It is just how they roll.  

In the meantime, Calla was still restless, so we did what any pioneer kid would do..... shopped for new apps on the i phone. What.....like you expected us to sit around in a drum circle singing Kumbaya, and discussing our feelings while toasting marshmallows over the gas stove?  Hell to the no!  I couldn't get "Moaning Myrtle," ie. India, asleep fast enough.  We had already read some books, and she really needed to go to bed.  Because I could turn the wireless off on the phone, we could look at games involving alligators who pitch a fit if you don't get them water out of a clogged sewer just to take her mind off the storm for a few minutes.  

After she was asleep, and Dave was still out cruising for utility boom trucks and milkshakes, I busted out the Kindle and started to read.  Because reading 50 Shades of Grey part "Menage a Trois" is probably something you "should" do in the dark.  If only Caroline Ingalls knew what she was missing. I am willing to bet she probably wouldn't be darning socks either after reading about Christian Grey and his "Room."  

I am happy to report the power did come back on after a couple of hours, and we went back to our normally scheduled programming.  In separate rooms.  :)      

-Anyone have any favorite things they like to do when the lights go out?  
-Favorite food from Sonic or flavor of Chobani?  (Cherry limeades and passion fruit yogurt for me for sure!)   


  1. First of all, I LOVE Zac Brown Band. Secondly, was all of your CHO safe from the power outage? We sure hope so! If not, shoot an email to amy.keefe[at]chobani dot com.


  2. I love Zac Brown Band too . They are a band known for pushing the boundaries of what it method to be a “Nation Act”