Thursday, July 26, 2012

Anthropologie meets Kitchen Cousins

How about a house post.  Haven't done one of those in a while.  As a matter of fact, I haven't done anything for a while.  Tonight I will be dragging my hot lazy sloth self to Company class tonight because

A. I can feel my butt getting wider by the minute.

(Lucille's beignets for breakfast with Eggs Jennifer i.e.. eggs bennie with avocado and spinach. yum!!!)


B. I have to take Calla anyway, so I might as well just stay and put some of those neglected leotards to good use.

So do you know who the Kitchen Cousins are?

In short they are 2 hot guys who remodel kitchens and have a show on HGTV.

A couple of weeks ago Dave and I were watching tv in the same room before bed.  (Shocker!)  Their show came on and they remodeled this kitchen in an East Coast Brownstone.  You are probably wondering what a farmhouse in Colorado has to do with a Brownstone in NY?  Nothing, except they did this cool thing with the all knobs in the kitchen.  They made them all different.  Dave basically thought this was fantastic.  Here's how the conversation went down:

Dave: That looks cool, we should do that here.
Me: Um, what hang antlers in the kitchen?
Dave: No, switch out all of the knobs.
Me: Oooh, that's cool.  We totally should.
Dave: Where do you suppose they got all of those knobs?
Me: Anthropologie.....(wheels churning in my head)
Dave: You should go get some.
Me: Excuse me, did you just tell me to go shopping at Anthropologie?
Dave: Yup.
Me: (no words because I fell off the bed)

Never has Dave said carte blanche...Sure, just go pick some stuff up at Anthropologie like it is Wally World and we are out of toilet paper.  This is the man who gets frustrated when I come home with a can of Febreeze, or something in a shopping bag that cost over $20.  By the way, nothing that comes home in a shopping bag is ever over $20.  Patagonia jacket....picked it up for $20.  Pillows from Home Goods $20 a piece.  New king sized bedspread....Can you believe it was on clearance for only $20.  Right.....Shhhh.  ;)

Anyway, so while my sister was visiting, we trekked our happy butts to Anthro in search of knobs.  We found them, and some other things may or may not have been purchased at Anthro for $20 as well, and I am not talking a dish towels or measuring cups here.

We also found some cool ones at World Market for cheap too.  

Here they are all ready to be installed.  Best part is every single one is different.

Installing was not as easy as expected, because some of the holes needed to be drilled bigger, countersunk, and then the extra length sawed off.  Why the damn drill needs a light brighter then my car is beyond me.  It looks like WAL-E ready to attack.

Final result and some of my favorites

The overall look is very subtle and you don't really notice it as you walk in unless you look straight at them getting something out of the cabinet. Whimsical really, and not too kitschy.

We can't do the pulls on the drawers as easily because they are already drilled at a set width with our existing bin pulls.  But if I can find them, we will.

If anything it gives me an excuse to go back and go shopping at Anthropologie.  With $20 only of course:)  Duh!



  1. LOVE!!! I've been thinking about this for awhile. Great results, Cara (and Dave!)

  2. Thanks Jess!! You should come and check them out sometime. I love all of the pins you have been saving lately.