Tuesday, June 26, 2012

And the winner is.....

When you tell a 6 yr old to pick a number they will most likely choose the number 1.  Then run around the house in a circle with her sister screaming WE'RE NUMBER ONE!  WE'RE NUMBER ONE!  Over and over and over and over again.  Complete with a dog and pony show.  No seriously....riding on stick unicorns twirling pound puppies overhead.  FYI in case you didn't know, unicorns on a stick are supposedly better then stick horses because they have a pink horn, and to my delight..... they whinnie and neigh too.  Soooo disturbing.  Round and round the house they went.  

When you ask a 2 yr. old to pick a number she will most likely choose the number 2 because she is 2 and doesn't know any better.  1+1= 2 of course.  4+4=2.  137+941=2.  How old are you?  2 of course!  :)   Lesson learned.  Perhaps next time I will will use a random number generator.  

And lookie there, Aimee is Number 1 and 2, and therefore wins the package of my favorite crap.  Aimee message me your shipping info in Facebook, and I will send it off as soon as I can.   

In the mean time, I'll leave you with a picture from our most recent trip to Target yesterday.  I highly recommend putting your children in a cart while shopping, even if it only means you are shopping for 1 item....tomato sauce.  They will run amuck if not confined.  One would think I would know this by now.  Yes that is a sticker on her forehead, and after a mermaid meltdown in the seasonal aisle about how they have to come home with us because they are the perfect sippy cup size, the shot glasses on Mardi Gras beads stayed behind in the store next to the Hawaiian leis.  Maybe if they are good the next time I'll think about it, but for now a family sized bag of Twizzlers will have to do as bribery.  


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  1. WHEEE!!! Thank you!!! Happy dance :) I need to do a giveaway on my blog soon too-you've inspired me!