Saturday, June 23, 2012

posting a comment

Hi all!

So the easiest way to post a comment is to scroll through the Comment as: options and choose name/url or anonymous.  If you choose to sign in as anonymous just leave your name in the comment line so I know who ya are.  :)  I have no clue what AIM or Open Id is, so if you choose those I guess you know. can always choose them if you are are looking to spice it up this weekend.

Kind of like the time I thought it would be more fun to choose the Spanish language option while calling American Express to activate a card.  No harm right?   That stuff is automated and surely with 6 yrs. or so of school Spanish I should know something.  So I pressed Numero Dos and proceeded to follow the instructions.  Entered all the important numbers no problem.  My mother's maiden name no problem.

Then came a full sentence, and I had no clue what Maria the automated lady was saying.  Evidently it was to wait on the line so someone could talk to me.  So, I just stayed on the line trying to figure out the last sentence in my pea brain hoping it would continue to repeat asking me for another prompt until I could figure it out.

Then a real person cut in on the line in full glory perfect Spanish.  Again another perfect friendly sentence, and I had no clue at this point.  They kept saying "Hola Hola!"

I figured I had 2 options at that point.  Speak really bad broken Spanish and pretend I was French and that Spanish was my 2nd language.  Except the only French words I know are ballet terms, so pas de chat grand jete plie tendu arabesque pirouette is only going to get me transferred to a French translator because hello.... this is Amex.  Always there to please.

Or, I could save my pride in trying to explain I really wasn't pranking the person on the other end, I just needed to activate my new card, and hang up humbled and embarrassed.  So I chose option Numero Dos and hung up.  Very quickly!

Of course Dave laughed at me afterwards.  I seriously wasn't expecting to get anyone.  Citibank is fully automated.  Yeah, not Amex.  Personal service at its finest.  Later,after thinking about it, Dave so lovingly pointed out that "They are in more countries worldwide."  Well golly gee thanks Mr. Logistics.  Next time you need help mobilizing the landscaping route and which vehicle / trailer combo to take first, who is driving, and how to get there without any left turns or C-DOT weigh stations, you be sure to call UPS or Fed Ex to help you out with that.  They can help you.  They have people.  Just don't choose the Spanish language option.



  1. How can I get that fishnet leg lamp!!!! Would being a perv warrant that for me because I could sure try!!

  2. Ted is this you? Who else would want a leg lamp. Dude if I find one I will so so ship it to you. No contest needed!