Friday, June 3, 2011

A couple of random things I have learned this week

I'll be short sweet and to the point today, cause I know y'all are busy figuring out what to do with kids now that they are out of school.  Me, I'm just busy trying to figure out how to keep India from dumping handfulls of dog food into the water bowl. 

1. It is easier for India to say "Shit" then Calla.

2. The puppy is eating the carpet.  Except it is the carpet we have to keep for now and not the carpet I want to replace sooner with this rug.  Is it wrong to ask for a rug for your living room for your birthday??

Andalusia Rug

3. Tyson Dino Nuggets are now called Fun Nuggets. Um Fun Nugget really???

4. Preschoolers have graduation.  They don't hand them a diploma, but a folder with a certificate of congratulations, all of their aptitude tests throughout the year so you can see the progress that has been made, and your bill for June. 

In case you can't tell, Calla is the short little Fun Nugget holding the folder. 

4. Sometimes the movies you loved as a child will come back to haunt you.  Case in point, Calla watched the "Great Muppet Caper" the other day, and came out with this profound statement after it was done.  "Hey Mom, you and Dad are like Kermit the frog, and Miss Piggy."  Come to find out later from her it is because of our looks and personalities.  Great....I am a bossy, overweight pig with an anger management problem, and Dave is skinny and bald.  At least everyone loves Kermit.  He can do no wrong.  Why can't I be Janice, the dippy blond from Dr. Teeth's band?   I guess it could be worse, I could be Gonzo. 

You decide.  Which Muppet are you most like? 

Yes my children match.  I only have a limited time left to do this before they start to protest.  Before you laugh it could be worse.  I grew up in the South in the 80's.  Down there the mom would have even matched the kids and it was probably monogrammed . 

Now if you will excuse me I have to book and appointment with my new stylist who actually works Sundays  (hallelujah!) to make my hair blond again so I can look more like Miss Piggy.  No seriously, I need to be blond again.  The gray that is growing out at my temples is making me look like I have a receeding hairline next to the brown.  See what having a second kid like India will do to you. 

Happy Weekend! 

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  1. Yay! Gettin' my highlights done tomorrow too :) Waa Hoo summer is here!!

    Congrats Calla Bee :)