Friday, May 30, 2014

If you give a dancer a margarita

If you give a dancer a margarita, she will need some chips and salsa to go with it.  

When you give her the chips and salsa, she devours the whole salty bowl and washes it down with the margarita. 

So she realizes she might be a little bit hungry,  

and a little tipsy,

 and should just order some food instead.   

But then she can't decide.  

Lobster macaroni, chili rellenos, and street tacos please! 

Wait a minute……what about all of the cheese? 

She will remember she can't eat that much cheese,

and figures that the cucumber lime gazpacho is a safer bet.

But the gazpacho comes out more like pico de gallo.  

How is she supposed to eat a bowl full of pico de gallo with a spoon?

She doesn't know, and chooses to chat with her dancer friends instead.  

Suddenly out of nowhere, the waiter appears behind her to refill the chips and salsa. 

The dancer has a brilliant idea. 

Why not use the chips and dip them into the gazpacho like pico de gallo?

This is the perfect match, and she finishes the chunky soup with a whole bowl of salty chips.

But the salty chips will make her thirsty, and will need to wash it all down her margarita.

But then she remembers her margarita is gone.  

So she will ask the waiter for another one.  

And chances are good, if you give her another margarita, she'll want more chips and salsa to go with it.  

Note: This is very VERY loosely adapted on the book "If You Give A Cat A Cupcake," by Laura Numeroff who has no clue who I am, but her fabulous book gets read to my kids each week!)

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