Tuesday, June 18, 2013

When last we left off.....

When last we left off I had no heat, a spring work rush, and a dipshit dingo dog looking for ways to get his happy ass down the 10ft into the hole beneath him.  I am happy to report a lot has happened since then.

  1. We have heat as well as AC (yipee!)
  2. Work is insane, but only going to complain about that for a sec. in case I jinx it and it stops.
  3. The house addition is almost done being framed and ready for roughing in thanks to a lots of hard work from family and close friends.
  4. We took a trip to visit a dear friend in St. Louis.
  5. The girls each had a ballet recital and were beyond cute.
  6. Dave had a birthday, I had a birthday, and we are both in denial about our age.
  7. We lost a chicken, but the ones that are left are learning to like watermelon and various other good for you foods.  They are still pooping artificial colors and rainbow fruit flavors, but since I have the new Gwyneth Paltrow cookbook, they are growing accustomed to a more vegan lifestyle.  We are not, but that is besides the point.  I just bought the book for the pictures, but some of the recipes aren't bad actually.
  8. Calla can read and India can write her name.
  9. Speaking of India she has become quite opinionated these days.  Not sure why I am surprised.  She is Dave's child and not the UPS mans (he is quite passive.)  She wants us to refer to her now as "Sugar Baby or Bug."  Just like her outfits it isn't worth the argument. 
  10. Calla is headed to the 2nd grade in the fall. Note: see # 6
  11. The website still isn't done but getting there.

And because I can't sign off without filling you in on the dipshit dingo dog and whether or not he finally made it into the basement.  He did.  The hard way.

Dave's Dad showed up to help us one Saturday, and Rusty was so excited to greet him he forgot the hole down was there.  He realized too late when he missed the corner and fell down the 10 ft. and high centered himself on the frame for the stairs during the fall.  He is ok, but now has some serious PTSD and refuses to even go near the stairs up or down.  Since the living room will be downstairs we hope he gets over it when the time comes.  Nothing appears to be broken or damaged, so he is lucky, but every once and while he gets stiff and has trouble getting up.  We give him some pain meds and it appears to help him not look so much like Quasimodo.  Not sure if dogs have 9 lives like a cat but his punk ass is def. down a couple.  Idiot.  Gave me the fright of my life.  On the plus side, he appears to have mellowed out a bit.  A little bit.

As you can see, the clouds are rolling in.  Off to batten down the hatches before the golf ball hail and possible tornados come rolling in.

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