Friday, June 21, 2013

Fashion Friday BMW F800 GS Edition

So last night this happened:

My first question is does it come with a side car that seats 2?  And by 2 I mean for the girls.  Not twit and twat.  Although I am pretty sure they do make doggy goggles for the Dipshit Dingo Dog.  I hope it has room for his ears.

My children didn't quite know what to think.  Notice how apprehensive Calla looks.  They never even knew Dave could ride a motorcycle.  Or that when I met him he picked me up for our first date on a motorcycle.  Chances are I was wearing something like this, but with shorter shorts.

Damn we were cute.  And this was pretty much the same look India gave me when I tried to put her on the back of the bike and replicate the picture last night.  By the way there is no retro f'n filter on that last pic.  That is pure 70's baby.  

Also, I was told if I wanted to ride on the back, I now needed to wear boots, and a jacket.  Well duh...No one, and I mean no one, wants or needs to see the ba donk a donk in daisy duke cutoffs and a crop top and flip flops these days on the back of a motorcycle.  Besides it is a BMW and not a Harley therefore fringe is out of the question.  It is just not acceptable.  Joan Rivers would not approve.  God forbid.  I could do a Harley outfit.  I own fringe and a black concert t shirt of some sort involving an 80's band with long hair.

Lord help us all, and my wardrobe as I dig out the Frye boots from the depths of the closet and something resembling a technical jacket.  Because my snowboard jacket involves fur and paisleys, and not neon or leather.
I did however find this.  It matches the boots but not my checkbook:

Told Dave just to pick it up for me as a belated birthday present when he gets some parts.  He looked at me like I had 4 heads and said buying a jacket and helmet isn't like buying a t-shirt and a frozen pizza at Target.  Evidently he doesn't shop like I do.  Also, it might have something to do with the fact that it costs over $20, and he knows it.

Since this is more of an "Enduro" type bike vs a "hog" chaps are not necessary.  But you didn't think I would write this post without finding me some chaps:

Just don't Google ass less chaps.  Do me a favor, just don't.  Chaps is fine.

But this......  Holy Crap.  This just takes the cake.  Someone buy these for me ASAP:

Just call me Motorcycle Barbie.  :)

House building and a master class with an Artistic Director candidate for the ballet company this weekend.  Please pray for me as I squeeze into tights and a leotard.  Something tells me the chaps would be easier.

Any fun things for y'all this weekend?  

Buenos Noches.

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