Sunday, May 20, 2012

Party Hard

How To Have an Eclipse Viewing Party:

Step 1:

Assemble your cast of characters.  Frozen rum in a bucket, a welding mask, and mint chocolate chip Blue Bell ice cream.  Proceed to front deck with cast of characters to watch the eclipse.

Step 2:

After convincing your 6 yr. old that it ok to look at the sun if she puts on the welding mask, place it over her head.  Freak her out by telling her if she takes it off she will burn her eyeballs.  She tells you it is cool, but then asks why the Rusty doesn't need a welding mask.  Tell her it is because he is a dipshit dingo dog, and doesn't really care about the sun but is most likely stalking a bunny, or the roofers working across the street.

Step 3:

While waiting for the moon to cover the sun, proceed to drink the rest of the frozen rum and sugar in the bucket, and let your 6 yr. old take awful stupid pictures of you.  Note: She has not been drinking and had no issues when handed the camera.  However she did have plenty of green food dye in the mint chocolate  chip ice cream, and was just as goofy.

Step 4:

Continue to wait for the eclipse to happen, but get sad when the clouds cover the sun.

Party over :(

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