Monday, May 14, 2012

Manic Monday

Today was well....One of THOSE days.  Let's back up for a minute to this weekend.

Saturday was kind of a gloomy day, so taking a ballet class seemed like a great idea.  Something about bundling up in warmers and taking a Saturday morning Company class is kind of soothing for me.  Call me crazy.  So I threw my hair up into a sweaty band and put on an old nasty leotard, and some nike compression capris and went to class.  When we got there, I got Calla into her class and went to get rolled out, warmed up, and do some sit ups.  I didn't notice our ballet mistress teaching class.  Sign # 1.  I did however notice a nice looking woman who looked like Jane Goodall that was dressed to either teach class or take it.  As more and more people started showing up I also realized how people were dressed. Sign # 2.  Nice pink tights and a leotard.  Doh.  She was a Guest Teacher.  I didn't get the memo but everyone else seemed to be in the loop.  Whoopsie.   Needless to say, I stayed bundled up for a good majority of the class because my leotard was that bad and I didn't have any tights.  Oh well, class was a good workout none the less.  Note to self.  Pack tights and clean out leotards.

Sunday was a great Mother's day.  The girls gave me some nice gifts and then made Orange Danish rolls.  Dave even surprised me with an overnight stay for the two of us at the Ameristar Casino Resort and Spa up in Blackhawk.  Gallery.aspx

Side note:  Children can't go into a Casino :)

We then headed over to Dave's parents for a nice cookout lunch with his parents and brother and sister.

And now we are here and it is Monday.

This morning's drive started off watching a guy shave in his car.  No big deal right?  If you use a battery motorized razor that is.  Yeah, this homie had a full on shaving cream beard and was shaving his face while driving.  Now I can put on makeup and do various other things while driving, but shaving.  WTF?  Does the bowl of foam, water, and hair just sit in the front seat of the car all day?  Yuck.

This afternoon Dave came home early and we all were up in the office talking when all of a sudden he started screaming at the dogs to get out of the garden.  It sounded like the sprinklers were going off.  Umm..... No.  This happened:

Thanks to Boy Wonder and his trusty shovel, he split this nasty sucker into 5 pieces.  The dipshit dingo dog was about 1 ft. away, and his partner in crime was about 3 ft. away before Dave got to them.  I'm sure I will have some fabulous dreams about this coming after me tonight.  The damn thing still gives me the heebie jeebies.  You know they continue to twitch for a bit afterwards too.

Anyway I thought I would leave you with a nicer image in your head then that one.

Nighty Night.  Don't let the bed bugs, or snakes bite. :)  

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