Tuesday, August 16, 2011


I had internet for a 1/2 an hour today.  Yup, some people who live in town have high speed cable 10 G DSL / DSW or whatever it is called at their fingertips 24/7.  Wait....Sorry.  I am pretty sure DSW is where we always have child mermaid meltdowns when Rachel is in town because she has some damn coupon for shoes. (I live here and only get them in Oct. when they think my birthday is. Um... it's in June. Dumbass Shoe Warehouse!) When we go there all the 4 little girls want to do is run down the insanely long aisles like lunatics licking and kissing themselves in the mirrors and pulling boxes of size 10 red glitter hooker heels from the bottom of the stacks to try on with those plastic shoe shaper sticks hanging out of their mouths. 

Anyway, we have a dish on our roof that points towards the Co-Op.  I only had internet for a brief period of time today because the wind was blowing.  The problem is that my trees in the front (that we have no time to prune because we are too busy pruning other people's trees and bushes :) ) are in the way now that there are leaves on them.  The other problem is they are planted too close together.  Not our doing.  So some obviously need to come out.  One of these days. Since we are still dealing with hail damaged roof replacement aftermath, the trees have to take a number and get in line.

One would figure during the short amount of time I had service I would answer some important emails, or send off a bid to a prospective client.  No Sir, my ADD ass was distracted when I turned on Yahoo and lo and behold they had a Chupacabra video.  Now some of you may remember when the Chupacabra came and ate Olivia the chicken.  But this Chupacabra looked like him.  Minus the rabies tag of course.

Long ass legs - Check
Skinny rat like tail - Check
White spot on forehead - Check
Head shaped like a deer with a long snout - Check
Obnoxiously large ears - Ding Ding Ding we have a winner folks!! 


Check out the video and let me know what you think. The only thing missing is the suspected kangaroo hind end.  Perhaps we can charge money for people to come and see "Rusty - El Chupacabra" like a Jackalope roadside attraction.

I hope the link works otherwise this whole post is not going to make any damn sense at all. 

By the way be sure and put my music player on hold so you can hear the interview.  Oh, and make sure you turn it off after the story unless you are a fan of the Jersey Shore. 

Back by Fri.with obligitory First Day of School pics of Calla.  And for those of you waiting for the final part 3 of the Rusty Calla Storm story, that will be coming up soon as well.  That is assuming when I log on to write, the wind is blowing and I don't get distracted by what happened last night on Hillbilly Handfishing. 

Hasta La Vista,
Cara and the Los Chimichangos
(If you haven't go read "Skippy jon Jones" the book now!!!)

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