Tuesday, March 1, 2011

We had babies!!!

Ok, so we had chicken babies.  Sorry to inform you, but no more human babies will spring from my loins.  Now that I think about it, my babies actually didn't spring from my loins, they were sort of yanked from my gut. Anyway, moving on........

The chicken babies actually came from the feed store in a cardboard horse shampoo box with holes poked in the side from scissors.  If you think I have enough time on my hands to nurture and pamper a bunch of pregnant hens, then one would also assume I have enough time and energy to do my dishes.  Ha!  Yeah right.  Aren't they cute? 

The little red one in the front is named Camilla.  More for Gonzo the Muppet's chicken, then Prince Charles' wife.  Yes, I know she isn't white like Gonzo's chicken, but when have we ever been conventional.

The two on the right are Gertrude and Penelope.  They will lay the green and blue eggs the color of my kitchen and mud room walls. 

The silver one on the left is Olivia II.  The Chupacabra came and got Olivia I, so I promised Calla we would name this one Olivia II. 

The tiny yellow one in the back is Buttercup.  She will actually be the fat ass of the group, laying jumbo size eggs. 

One of these days we will have enough eggs for Calla to sell to some of our friends and neighbors.  Kind of like the "Homegirls."  If you are wondering who the "Homegirls" are they are not the newest group started by P. Diddy for an MTV reality show.  They would be the Girl Scouts.  See Calla knows that in normal neighborhoods the Girl Scouts deliver cookies to the doors of people's homes.  So she calls them "Homegirls."  We however have to stock up on Thin Mints outside of Walgreens because the "Homegirls" don't come knocking on our door.  But hey it is a small price to pay because the Jehovah's Witnesses don't come a knocking either. 

India loves her chicken babies.  She just sits in the mud room looking.   And then points and tells us all about them. 

Yes, I know her face is filthy.  No need to freak out.  It is just the blueberry Nutri Grain bar she ate 2 min before I took the picture.  We have a metal mesh cover that goes overtop of the tub, so they can't jump out, and India can't jump in.  They will live in the mudroom until they are big enough to fend for themselves in the coop and it is warmer outside.  The chickens, not India.  Although on some days I am tempted :)

In the meantime, I am off to self medicate my tired body with lots of caffine and attempt to get some work done so we can enjoy this beautiful weather.  Between the peeping from the mudroom, and Calla hacking all night, I didn't get much sleep. 

By the way in case you were keeping track.  Final score = Dave/1  Girls/15

The crazy chicken lady. 

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