Thursday, November 18, 2010

Wrecking havoc and then some

So, the last couple of nights I have gotten approx. 3-4 hrs of sleep total each night.  I don't do well on that little.  I need me some sleep people, otherwise I turn into Super Bitch.  Noticed I capitalized the letters, because she is one of those super heroes that teeters on the edge of good and evil, and deserves respect damn it!  :)  Anyway the reason I have had such little sleep is because everyone is snotting and hacking at all godforsaken hours of the night, and unless we start buying stock in Dimetapp, and Robitussin soon, I am done with the meds and allergy sprays. So I decided to take matters into my own hands and attempted to do something about it.  Here's the breakdown:

Amount of time it took me to deep clean dust and wipe the entire house down (except top of kitchen cabinets- too short, and mudroom -too muddy and exhausted) from ceiling to baseboards and cracks and blinds in between above and beyond what I do weekly = 6 hrs

Length of time after all was said and done it took India to grind a 1/2 eaten gummed up graham cracker into the floor and drag along a living room baseboard = 2 min. 

Bottle of Mrs. Meyers cleaner used = 1

Tube of Clorox wipes consumed = 1

# of Mr. Clean sponges and microfiber rags sacrificed = 5

Times I emptied the vacuum canister = 2

Amount of times I cursed God for living in the country with out of control dust and dog hair that builds up along carpet baseboards = 10

Amount of times I praised Jesus for the fact that I only have to clean a 900 sq . ft. house. = 15

Record number of times I sneezed in a row while cleaning = 6

Things that were broken in the process = 1

Hours of sleep I got Tues. night after everyone was tucked into their beds with visions of Sugar Plums dancing in their heads = 6

Ok, so more would have been nice, but hey, I will take what I can get these days. 

Just in case you were wondering what my children were doing while I was channeling my inner Ms. Hannigan.  Well....while Calla was playing her Leapster in a corner somewhere, India was up to no good in the bathroom.  Perhaps she got a lesson from Calla before hand. 

Calla @ 1 yr old

India @ 10 mo old

I guess the candy colored packages are just too cool to resist.  Too bad you aren't seeing the before pictures of the pads stuck to the tub, tampon in the mouth like a cigar and a sea of toilet paper.  I was laughing too hard I peed my pants.  Because folks that's what happens when you have 2 c-sections.   You think I would have learned. 

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