Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Things I have learned this past month

June is a very busy month for us.  Probably as busy as October, but worse.  We have had rain, snow, sun, hail, tornadoes, etc.etc.  Believe me it is nice to be busy especially in these uncertain times, but holy crap I didn't realize how busy I would actually be personally with 2 kids.  I told someone at ballet the other day that I actually am feeling what it is like to experence being a parent to a newborn.  India is the polar opposite of Calla.  She was a piece of cake with pink frosting, sprinkles and a cherry on top compared to my new little monster. 

For starters India is quite possibly the hottest baby I have ever seen.  The child is like a furnace.  Now I run hot, but I actually laughed at some chick the other day in line at REI when it was over 90 degrees.  India was in just a onesie, and she asked, "oh did she have an accident, where are her clothes?"  Me: "Um this is her clothing?"  Her: "Why the poor thing must be freezing in just that bodysuit?"  Me: "Actually she is sweating."  Her: "oh!"   It didn't hit me until I saw her again in the parking lot as I was changing Indee's diaper in the back of my car that the chick was wearing a freakin polar fleece jacket and capri pants.  Seriously, it must be nice to run cold.  I might be able to save money on regular antipersperant and not have to buy the expensive sport prescription strength.  I know I have atomic armpits.  I go through white t shirts like nobody's business.  Indee is doomed. 

She also hates to be put down.  No big deal cute cuddly baby.  Yeah no.  After 1 min of cuddling and screaming for 20 min that she doesn't want to be in her carseat on the way into town, I might get along better if she became like my 3rd arm.  Oh yeah she snores too, when she actually decides she has finally had enough and falls asleep.  But hey I think I will keep her especially when she does this 24/7:

I guess I used to do this when I was a kid too.  My Dr. back then thought I had down syndrome, India's Dr. thinks she is normal.  Dave is still convinced I am not normal. 

Lets see what else have I learned this past month

Getting your child ready for a ballet performace takes just as long as getting yourself ready for a ballet performance.  Exhibit A. Meet Jon Benet Ramsey:

I am still not fan of watching other kids dance, but mine was too precious.  She knew all of the steps and was even ahead of the teacher on stage.  Go figure:) She had a lot of fun being a bubble.  And yes, the tutu is a regular part of our wardrobe, but the blue eyeshadow, hot pink lips and ringlets are not thank God!

Yes, India did have on a tutu, and a giant flower on her head.  Sue me!  

Moving on.

I learned how to put up a tent all by myself.  The rain fly didn't make it on since I am too short. 

The chickens even like it

For the love!!!!

Now if y'all will excuse me I am exhausted beyond belief.  I still have 6 loads of laundry to put away.  I am super behind since you know who didn't want to be in the front pack while I put the laundry away during Glee.  Yesterday I managed to drop off, pick up, feed and nap children in the car.  Order, buy, deliver and return plants for the jobsite all in the car.  Made a bank deposit, paid the bills online, bought wine and cards for clients, took two trips to the post office, and even managed to refinanced my house in the car.  Seriously.  I am so done.  But I do have to look on the bright side.  My dishes are done!  Cue angels singing now. 




  1. LOL...hopefully we can squeeze in some hang out time soon. Maybe without kids? GASP! :)

  2. are putting me to shame!!:-)