Sunday, May 2, 2010

Keeping up with the Jones

Calla goes to a really nice preschool.  We wanted her to go somewhere where she would actually learn something cause Lord knows I don't have the attention span or patience to teach her all of the things kids are expected to know before getting to kindergarten instead of actually learning it there.  I would be in some serious trouble teaching her how to tell time on a regular clock and make change from a $20.  However I would so rock the twisting of little colored paper tissue squares on the end of a pencil to make a fish or a butterfly picture.  So far we are really impressed and happy.  She can write her name, her vocabulary is out of this world, and she has blossomed socially.  Wow....I making it sound like she is part of a tampon commercial. 

Anyway, moving on. 

Issue # 1:   When we picked her up last week at school she mentioned one of her little friends was done with school until fall.  The friend's mommy decided to make cupcakes with sprinkles for the entire class that day as a going away thing for the kids to remember the little girl.  Ok......  Calla is leaving the preschool next month to go to a new school that she will stay in through 8th grade.  Am I expected to make cupcakes, muffins or something involving some effort and a Martha Stewart recipe for all of the kids in her class?  For the love, I don't have the time or the energy to do that, let alone try and find my pastery bag and tips.  India is officially attached to my body any opportunity she gets.  Preferably the boob area.  Is this what is expected of me now that Calla is in school? 

Issue # 2:  Earlier in the week we looked in her box for her report as we were leaving and there was a note from her teachers saying that next week was pet week.  She is supposed to bring in a picture of her pets and a stuffed animal to talk about in circle on Monday.  No biggie right?  So we took some pictures in the yard of Calla and the dogs and even the chickens after school.  My intention was not to keep up with all of the cool mommies in her class who will likely scrapbook something pretty for their kids.  Now believe me you I love to scrapbook, and shopping at the scrapbook store makes me manic and giddy all at the same time because my mind starts spinning with all of the projects I could create and oh my look at all of the stickers, and doo dads and paper......I could seriously spend hours in there trying to create 1 page, or a card, or a tag.  Sorry ADD moment.  My intentions were to print out some of the pictures we took and send them with her. Well..... as much as I love my i phone, 2 trips to Target couldn't produce any pictures.  Now I could download the pictures to the computer and save them to a cd or memory stick and print them out that way.  That would be thinking ahead though. 

So here we are.  Its Sunday night 11 pm and I have 2 choices.  Option 1. back up the pictures, drag my tired ass to the 24 hr Wally World print out the pictures, come back an hour later, cut and paste the pictures of chickens and dogs, and make her look really good like we spent all weekend working on the project together.  Option 2. Just give her the framed picture hanging on my bedroom wall of Dave and I at our wedding with the 2 dogs, and let it go.  Seeing as I can't remember when I took a shower last, you guess which option I chose. 

I just can't do it anymore, and that isn't a bad thing.  I can't keep up with the Jones it is just too exhausting.  It isn't that I couldn't play the game if I tried or wanted to, it just isn't important to me.  That and try as hard as I might, denim designers just don't have my ass and short legs in mind when they are designing $200 jeans.  Besides, the Amish don't wear designer jeans?  Now if there was some way I could just email the pictures to her school that would be fantastic.  I don't have to shower to do that.  Don't kids do their homework that way these days anyway?  So on that note here are some of the pictures I took.  I'm off to take a shower and dig up some cupcake recipes.  Better get on that now. 

Notice Rhoda in the background begging for food

PS. Please don't ask me to put the wedding photo up here.  I don't have a digital of it, and if I can't figure out how to use my i phone there is no way I am talented enough to figure out how to use the scanner.  Guess y'all will just have to go to circle time tomorrow to see it.   

XOXO, Cara:)



  1. 2 words for you my dear, STORE BOUGHT ....insert any bakery item but don't forget these words ..they will come in handy many times in the next few years. And a picture printed on regular paper is usually good enough. Now I am off to make a snapfish album & buy flowers, pistachios & a target gift card for Dylan's teacher. Yes, it gets worse. xo