Saturday, March 27, 2010

Wind, Mud and the Amish

For the love, I am not sure which is worse.  The wind or the mud.  I am leaning towards mud even though it is something I should be able to control.  The mud has taken over my life, inside and out.  So much so we have renamed Mattie the "Mud Flap" because that dog comes in covered in so much muck on her belly.  She then proceeds to plop herself down on our bed and make herself at home.  The amount of grit she leaves behind even after a sponge bath outside the door before coming in is just insane.  This is why I will continue to pine for a white duvet cover with ruffles because sadly one will never see the inside of my home.  I am sure Dave is not too torn up about that vision to be honest with you.

Although thinking about it, I have been into ruffles of all sorts lately.  Maybe it is the hormones, but I suspect it has something to do with Calla.  We went and saw Disney on Ice last week for her birthday and that child was covered from head to toe in ruffles.  We are talking ruffled sweater, ruffled top, skirt with at least 25 layers of ruffles, and a matching Build a Bear bunny in ruffles as well.   I guess it could be worse she could be sporting a fedora and sword a la her doppleganger Shiloh Jolie Pitt.  But hey, we will love her in whatever she chooses to wear.  And the funniest part of it all.  I bought the stinkin clothes!  Ha!

I attempted to simplify my life this week.  I typically feel kind of manic this time of year because work is starting to pick up, but things are still uncertain and you just hope the phone starts to ring.  I figure if I can simplify things then I might not feel so manic.  However one might say, "Cara you live in a 900 sq ft. home and have all of your shoes labeled in clear boxes, and read organizing books for fun, for God's sake how much more simple do you need to be?" 

Well, I checked out a book from the library on the Amish and Dave decided I finally went off the deep end.  After looking at the gorgeous pictures of their simple life, chickens, and beautiful farms, I thought for a brief second how nice it would be to be Amish.  Then I did what I normally do, and randomly called my sister at noon and told her I was thinking how nice it would be to be Amish.  She calmly explained to me that in order to be Amish I would have to give up Starbucks, all of the silly purchases from the dollar bin at Target, makeup from Sephora, my bag problem, Direct Tv, the Gap, and my iphone.  Oh yeah, I would also have to give up my car for a buggy.  This would never work since I am allergic to horses.  Not to mention I would finally have to learn how to use my sewing machine and start going to church more often then Christmas and Easter.  Geeze Louise, after putting it out there how much unecessary stuff I have come to depend on, but not necessarily need to live, I was starting to look like a front runner for a spot on next season's cast of the Jersey Shore. She then proceeded to change the subject and asked me if I was thinking like an Amish person what would they use to get red marker out of the hair of her child who now has pink hair. 

With the lovely thoughts of the Amish and simplifing things fresh on my mind, I figured it was time to clean out my closet. It was Spring after all, and I was feeling somewhat springy.  The clean feeling lasted for all of 5 minutes until I did the laundry and felt manic all over again just by looking at the 5 loads sitting there not putting itself away.  What are you going to do......

I guess what it all boils down to in the end is I need to quit trying to control the things I can't, and stop trying to be perfect about everything in the attempt that my life might be easier if it was.  Now the Amish are not perfect, but they are content with what they are given.  So on that note, I have decided to adopt some of the Amish lifestyle into my own to give me a little bit of peace.  When this wind stops I will hang my clean bedding out on the clothes line above my sleeping mud flap of a dog.  Knowing full well she is dreaming of what it will be like to curl up and bury her head and crusty paws into a fresh clean quilt.   I will stop chasing my chickens who have decided they are liberating themselves and going to be free range whether I like it or not.  To be realistic I am also accepting that things don't change overnight, so on that note I booked an appointment with my hairstylist so she can fix the thick mop growing out of my head.  If all goes well, I might just stop for sushi and a pedicure afterwards.  What it all comes down to in the end and what I have learned about myself is that I am officially a hot mess !!!! 

XOXO, Cara

PS. No pics of ruffles right now.  Kodak is not cooperating :(

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